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As Bobby George says “trebles for show and doubles for dough!” Finishing games is what it all about! It’s great when you can score high but if you can’t finish you are not going to win!

Many people when first starting to play find it difficult to remember combination checkouts. Some combinations are better than others purely because if you miss the first shot you may still be inline for an easy single then double to finish.



 77 can be finished by hitting treble 15, double 16, one of the nicest doubles on the board. But what if you hit a single 15? That leaves you with 62 , - Single 12 Bull? , Treble 10 double 16? Both are not easy to hit. But what if you decided to go for 77 a different way? Treble 19, double 10? And you missed treble 19 but hit the single? Then this still leaves you a shot at single 18 then double 20. This seems a better route and there are many shots similar to this. There are also a number of ways to finish and below just give you one way, but not necessary the best when you have three darts for a two dart finish.

The Checkout sheets I have produced will help new players and players that find it hard to remember out shots. The checkout sheet is FREE to download and use. So why not place one up near your board or club so it helps you or others improve their game!

Checkout Charts for the basic 01 game...

(T = Treble) , (D = Double)

All Checkout Charts are designed to fit A4. They are available in .PDF Darts501 (English)- Checkout Sheet


By popular demand I have reinstated the European Checkout Charts I had on my previous website.

New To - Dart Leg ScorerNew to - Darts Leg Scorer. I have now added a a leg scorer with prompted checkouts to the mobile version of this site. The .mobi version is a condensed version of It lists many of the features of this site such as Games, Setup Up, Checkouts, Recourse information, World Champions Listings. Players nick names and Walk-on and now a useful scorer that many will find useful while playing darts in clubs and pubs that don't have a provided electronic scorer. The scorer lists previous scores allows you to undo an impute and allows you to select a various games :501,301,101. I hope you find this addition useful. requires a smart phone with internet connection. Please remember you maybe charged data charges by your phone provider when browsing the internet mobile site.

For more information about the click here

‘MS Excel’ Dart Scorer and Checkout indicator....

The site a ‘MS Excel’ spreadsheet dart scorer and checkout indicator. There are a number of very good computer programs that allow you to play against the computer, keep tack of averages and prompt your out shots etc but how many are FREE! I was sent an e-mail from Matt Mellor and he had a basic idea of using a MS Excel spreadsheet lookup table to help him with his checkouts. He thought the spreadsheet would be a good addition to the site. So with a bit of revision and reworking I have developed Matt’s idea into a user friendly program. You don’t need to know how Excel works but you will need it installed on you PC. Full instructions how to use the program are on the spreadsheet. To view a larger picture of the program click here or on the picture.

Download the program to you PC click the above icon (zip file).

To run this program you will need MS Excel '97 or later.
When opening the spreadsheet Enable Macros


‘MS Excel’ Cricket Scorer

Microsoft Excel Cricket

By popular demand I have added a simple 'MS Excel' Cricket Scorer to the site. I am not an avid player of this game but across the pond it is played as much as 501. So here it is a basic spreadsheet scorer for you to download

Microsoft Excel Cricket Scorer ZIP file Download

Download the program to you PC click the above icon (zip file).

To run this program you will need MS Excel '97 or later.
When opening the spreadsheet Enable Macros

‘Steven Dean's - MS Excel '01 Darts Scorer'

Do you struggle to add up? Then this new Excel Dart Scorer by Steven Dean might be what you have been looking for. It runs using MS Excel. Download it and you are ready to go.

Download the program to you PC click the above icon (zip file).

When you first run it the spreadsheet you will need to select ‘Read Only’ and ‘Enable Macro’s’.

Thanks Steven for this well written spreadsheet

Darren Kaye - MS Darts Score Board

Here is another Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that goes a few steps further than the others on this page. Darren has devised a spreadsheet that allows you to determine the match setup from go. It will show you the players averages, 100's140's  & 180's hit it also shows the highest finish and darts per leg all that you you would expect from a paid piece  of dedicated scoring software with on exception you can download this for free!

Prior to the start of play you are asked to enter the match options:


  • The dart average either by single dart or by three darts. 
  • The games is then set best of 3, 5 or 7 legs
  • Home or away to throw  first
  • Then games per match.



  • The following screen is the main display here you set the team names and the players’ names. Hit the start and then off you go.

The zip file download includes a full set of instructions. Clich the above icon to download

Darren also informs me that the spreadsheet he has devised is currently being used in the some Super League Matches.


Dart Averages

The dart average gives an indication of a dart thrower's darting ability. The higher the average normally indicates the better player. It is quite easy to calculate dart averages; basically you just divide the score hit by the number of darts thrown. Over a match that has several legs the average is calculate over the entire match not by a single leg. I have shown a printable example of how to calculate a single leg of 501 but if you lose the game what is your average? This is easy to work out just divide the total score obtained by the darts thrown e.g. 400 scored in 15 darts = 26.67 per dart or 80.01 per throw.  If you are calculating a match that is over several legs then the calculation is the same. Just total the number of points scored by the number of darts thrown.

An example of  a three leg match, each leg 501

Leg One: Player 'A' wins in 18 darts, Player 'B' scores 401 with 15 darts. Leg Two: Player' A 'loses, scores 469 with 21 darts, player 'B' wins in 22 darts Leg Three: Player 'A' wins in 17 darts, player 'B' scores 424 in 16 darts.

Match Averages

Player 'A' scored a total of 1,471 with 56 darts their average per dart = 26.27 Player 'B' scored a total of 1,326 with 53 darts their average per dart = 25.02 Shots at double are some times shown as an average statistic and this is worked out in the same way.


All Charts are designed to fit A4. They are available in .PDF Darts501 - Leg Average Sheet.

More about Darts and Maths plus a FREE Times Table Chart Click here...


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