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Improving your accuracy


The game of darts is all about hand eye coordination. Some board manufactures also produce boards that have half size doubles and trebles the aim of this is to help you improve your accuracy. If you have ever played on a Manchester log leg board then you will know what I mean. The doubles here are approximately 3mm wide! Playing on these boards will without question help you improve you game on standard board. But if you donít have a board like this then you can help improve you accuracy in the following way.


Sticker target

Close grouping of darts is always considered a good thing as this shows consistency of throwing, but when you are throwing for trebles and doubles some times darts may cover / block a clear view of your objective and focusing on smaller area is necessary. I have found you can enhance your accuracy by placing a sticker or match stick in an area of the board that you want to hit. Here you aim for the sticker or match stick, your focusing and hand eye coordination will improve. If you are very skilful use a non safety match and try lighting from your throw (Donít worry it wonít set the board on fire!)


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