Replacing Steel Tip Dart Points

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I have been asked many times where people can get their darts re-pointed. When I say to them they can re-point the darts themselves I am usually met with a blank reaction.

Re-pointing darts is not rocket science, it is a relatively easy process to do and you only need a few tools. But before I show you how let me answer the question why and when should darts be re-pointed.

It can take several sets of darts, shafts and flights before you find the ideal set for you. When you do find a set it is very rare that you will want to change as each set of darts are marginally different. Even the same make and style of dart can vary a bit.

Keeping your points sharp is also important. A cheap sharpening stone from and builders merchant or DIY store will set you back only one or two pounds.

Sharp points reduce bounce outs so thatís one good reason, the second reason is blunt darts can reduce the life of your dart board and at same stage you will find the points will get so small that the barrel will start to imbed in the board! Yes unfortunately I have seen this happen and the person who owned the darts was unwilling to have his points changed even when I offered to do this for him. (No I am not offering a re-pointing service!)

Before your dart points get this short you should replace them. Many dart suppliers sell points and will cost less than a couple of sets of good flights. Some suppliers will re-point your darts for you but it is an easy process to do yourself.

Using a dart re-pointing / point puller tool

By far the easiest way is to invest in a dart re-pointing tool or point puller. The tool will remove the old point easily and will require little effort. But I will also show you a couple of other methods I have used to remove dart points using a riveter and house hold tools.


Dart point pullers cost as much as a good set of high percentage tungsten darts so many players either use house hold tools or have a shop undertake the task for them. But if you belong to a team then it is well worth buying the useful tool to share between you.


How to use the dart point puller

First open up the screw thread by turning the wing nut at the top. Insert the point through the vice gap and then tighten the barrel onto the screw thread. Make sure you have the point as far down as possible and tighten the vice onto the point using the Alan key. (1)
The next part of the process is quite easy. Unscrew the wing nut, this pullers the barrel of the dart away from the point leaving point in the vice. Remove the barrel and old point from the puller. (2)
Inserting New Points.

Insert the new point into the barrel and  then reverser the process by placing it back into the point puller and screwing the barrel into place. The remove the dart and from the puller - job done.



Some people also like to add superglue to the point before hammering it home but this should not be necessary.

Other Methods!


Riveters or Rivet Guns have been mentioned by lots of players as their preferred method of removing dart points. Until recently I hadn't tried this method so I decided in the interest of this site to purchase one to try it. The rivet gun cost about half the price of a dart point puller £18.00 $32.00 2011 and I must say I had extreme difficulty in getting this to remove the dart point. I believe this was because the dart point narrows and was short compared to a rivet that this tool is designed for. Never the less I continued with the tool and eventually the point became free. For the remaining two points I used the darts point puller.

To the left is the riveter I purchased, different riveters my work better than others but the method will be the same.

If you have one of these tools in your tool box or know someone who does it may be worth giving it a try before you invest in a tool pacifically designed for the job i.e. A dart point pulling tool.

The Riveter I used came with several interchangeable nosepieces, designed for different rivet sizes. Select the nosepiece most suited to the dart point and bolt this in place. Details to do this will come with the gun.

Now insert the dart point and close the handle like a pair of pliers, the point should come free, if it doesn't repeat this several times until it does. As stated I found this difficult to use and from my experience not a preferred method, however a different riveter my work better.

This is not a method I can personally recommend as I found the riveter failed on many occasions to grip the point of the dart unlike a dart point puller that works every time.

Illustration to the left shows the riveter in action.

Unicorn Darts now sell a point puller that I haven't as yet tried however it is based upon a rivet gun method and will remove the points quicker than the above point puller illustrated above.

Remember when using suck tools always wear eye protection / safety goggles.


Using Household tools

I have changed dart points using conventional house hold tools however this method does require a bit of strength and a few people have emailed me stating this method is impossible. Well it isn't impossible it is just not easy. If you are a regular player and want to keep your darts in tip top condition I suggest buying a point puller. However if you don't have a dart shop near you to change your points or any of the above tools here is a way removing the old points using household tools.

Changing points using household tools.

First letís list the equipment you need.

  • A pair of pliers or bench vice.
  • An adjustable spanner or second pair of pliers.
  • A light weight hammer.
  • A piece of soft wood.
  • Spare points!


Equipment needed for re-pointing darts

Removing the old point.

To remove the old dart point place the dart between a gap in the adjustable spanner. The adjustable spanner should not be tightened but the barrel should not be allowed to pass though the gap. With the pliers pull free the point from the barrel you may find this easier using a vice but it is not essential.

Insert the new point and with a light hammer place point down onto soft wooden block hammer once.



Leave enough gap for the point to pass through but not the barrel


Grip the point with pliers


Pull the point free from the barrel


Place the barrel point down onto the wood and hit the top of the barrel once with the hammer


Point fixed into the barrel

I have read that some people heat the barrel with a view that it with expand and make it easier to remove the point, but I have never found this necessary and I am not sure it works. Tungsten, brass and steel will all have different expansion rates when heat is applied and tungsten will be one of the lowest. Personally I wouldn't recommend this method. If you find it difficult to replace points using a point puller, details below.

If you want to know a little more about the properties of tungsten you will find many articles on the web that will give you some basic information. But you may find a article on the Hydro Carbide Inc site useful. Click here.

Other information

Points come in two different sizes large and standard.

Most darts are fitted with standard size points.

Points also are available in chrome and matt black finish. There is really know difference in the quality of the points but I have known a few darters that buff the side of stainless steel points believing this gives extra grip when the dart enters the board.

Maintaining your dart points is only one part of ensuring your dart stays in the board, but the board itself plays a bigger part in this process. Playing league darts you may find your darts are perfectly Ok on your home board but fall out of others. First make sure your points are in good order but more importantly make sure your board is in good order and replace it if necessary.

Power Point Darts.

Power Point darts allow for replacing of point easy. The points are unscrewed using the universal dart fix-it tool and replaced with new. I have found an additional rubber washer helps prevent the point from unscrewing. Also please note that points used to replace standard dart will not fit into the Power Point dart. Always use Power Point replacement points for Power Point darts.

Please note nor it's owner accept no responsibility to losses or injury should you choose to follow the above method.

Please read disclaimer before proceeding


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