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Darts- Is it a Sport?


Darts - Is it a sport?

The question is darts a sport or not has been a debate for many years. However, on The 24th March 2005 Sports England took the lead in officially recognising darts as a sporting activity. Later that year, on the 3rd June 2005 Sports Wales, Sports Northern Ireland and Sports Scotland have now added their unanimous agreement that darts is to be recognised as a sport.

But like other indoor pursuits such as Snooker, many feel Darts is not a sport, just a game played by many and enjoyed by millions.

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All You Wanted to Know About Darts

If you have never played darts before it is one of the best indoor sports games you can play. Although the game originates from the pubs and clubs of the UK it is now enjoyed by millions worldwide, with major event prize money now in the hundreds of thousands of pounds and dollars.

Many of the top professional dart players are now household names, players like Simon Whitlock known as the Wizard! Snakebite, Peter Wright and of course the young Dutchman, two-time PDC World Champion Michael van Gerwen. Many ask how did a game from British pubs turn into such an international sport and attached huge prize money?

Van Gerwen believes that television is the key driver. He says that everything shown on television is good for the sport and gets more people playing the game. When people realize that the sport is becoming more and more popular not just in the United Kingdom but the rest of Europe and the United States, they love to watch it. Darts is now played globally and more countries will be represented in the 2019 PDC World Darts Championships than ever before with £500,000 going to the eventual winner.


Bisbane Darts

Australia is expanding the sport of darts at a fast pace and now has two major PDC Darts Masters tournaments. This year held in Brisbane and in Melbourne.

The PDC World Championships is hosted during the Christmas holidays with the finals taking place on New Year’s Day and will have the biggest prize fund ever seen in the sport.

Barney Francis, managing director, Sky Sports, mentioned that his network signed a seven years broadcasting deal with PDC World Championships in 2017. The success of darts on Sky has been staggering with over a 1.4 million people in the UK turning in to watch the 2018’s final between Rob Cross and the sixteen-time PDC World Championship winner Phil 'The Power' Taylor. Around 2.7 million in Germany watched the same broadcast, making darts a multinational game.

Darts has been a surprising major success for Sky Sports and is only second to football in its overall viewing figures and it looks like it will only get bigger in the future.

van Gerwen mentioned that the prize money has increased with the rise in popularity. However, the sport is still popular in pubs and clubs across the world played between friends for a pint or two. People from all walks of live play the sports so don’t be surprised to find doctors, managers, accounts and IT professional playing a game of darts in the pub.

The PDC 2019 World Championship has a total prize pool for the tournament of £2.5 million pounds, a 40 percent hike from the previous year with £500,000 going to the winner. In the last two years, van Gerwen has won £1.693 million pounds. Winning of the PDC Brisbane Darts Masters competition he earned $35,000, out of the $105,590 prize money pool.


PDC World Darts Championships 2019

So, if you are new to the sport, sharpen your arrows and get practising because if you are good enough you can earn a lot from the sport.


PDC Darts World Champions Past Winners

2018 Rob Cross beat Phil Taylor 7 - 2
2017 Michael van Gerwen beat Gary Anderson 7 - 3
2016 Gary Anderson beat Adrian Lewis 7 - 5
2015 Gary Anderson beat Phil Taylor 7 - 6
2014 Michael van Gerwen beat Peter Wright 7 - 5
2013 Phil Taylor beat Michael van Gerwen 7 - 4
2012 Adrian Lewis beat Andy Hamilton 7 - 3
2011 Adrian Lewis beat Gary Anderson 7 - 5
2010 Phil Taylor beat Simon Whitlock 7 - 3
2009 Phil Taylor beat Raymond van Barneveld 7 - 1
2008 John Part beat Kirk Shepherd 7 - 2
2007 Raymond Van Barneveld beat Phil Taylor 7 - 6
2006 Phil Taylor beat Peter Manley 7 - 0
2005 Phil Taylor beat Mark Dudbridge 7 - 4
2004 Phil Taylor beat Kevin Painter 7 - 6
2003 John Part beat Phil Taylor 7 - 6
2002 Phil Taylor beat Peter Manley 7 - 0
2001 Phil Taylor beat John Part 7 - 0
2000 Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 7 - 3
1999 Phil Taylor beat Peter Manley 6 - 2
1998 Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6 - 0
1997 Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6 - 3
1996 Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6 - 4
1995 Phil Taylor beat Rod Harrington 6 - 2
1994 Dennis Priestley beat Phil Taylor 6 - 1







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