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WDF Dart Events Calendar 2020

Dart Event Tournaments, World Darts Federation

Provisional WDF Calendar of Events. Additional Major events, will be added at a later date.

The WDF has introduced a new tournament ranking system for the 2020 season. Gone are tournament levels 1,2 and three and these have been replaced with Gold Silver Bronze! An overhaul of the tournament fixtures now means each ranking tournament will carry a cat GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE. For full information and the latest information, please visit the WDF website.

The calendar of events is for reference only. You may also print this calendar for own personal use. Details of events are subject to change without prior notice, therefore please visit the official WDF website to check the latest schedule.


General: Dart Events Postponement / Cancellations

Due to the fast-spreading coronavirus, several darts events are either being postponed or cancelled. To make sure you have the latest information on this fast-changing situation. Please contact the event organisers and check the dart authorities’ websites for up to date information.

Further scheduled darts events are being either postponed or cancelled daily. As a result, it is not possible to update the events calendars on this website in this ever-changing situation. Please refer to the event organisers for the latest information. When the all-clear is given hopefully within the next four weeks, revised events agender will be produced. Until then the schedules dates will remain the same despite cancellation.


WDF Events Calendar 2020

Last updated: 28/02/2020


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WDF Darts Tournament Calendar 2020


 Date  Seniors  Youth  Tournament  Location
4 B/G Izhevsk Open Russia
5 B/G Young Stars of Darts Russia
8 Y Junior Pacific Masters Australia
17-19 Silver Las Vegas Open USA
24-25 Bronze Snowflake Open Canada
24-26 Silver KW Tri City Open Canada
25-26 Bronze Reykjavik International Games Iceland
25 Silver Romanian Classic Darts Open Romania
25-26 Bronze Victorian Classic Australia
26 Silver Romanian International Darts Open Romania
31-2 Platinum B/G Dutch Open Darts Netherlands
7-9 Bronze Quebec Open Canada
7-9 Bronze Y Camellia Classic USA
14-16 Y Port City Open USA
15-16 Gold Scottish Open Scotland
21 Silver Y Slovak Masters Slovakia
22-23 Silver Y Slovak Open Slovakia
6-8 Bronze Halifax Open Canada
6-8 Silver Y Greater Vancouver Open Canada
7 Bronze United International Open Darts - Saturday Singles Netherlands
8 Y West Fries Masters Netherlands
8 Bronze Y Newcastle Classic Australia
8 Bronze United International Open Darts- Sunday Singles Netherlands
13-15 Silver Isle of Man Masters Isle of Man
14 Bronze Torshavn Darts Open Faroe Islands
14 Bronze Y Sylt Open Germany
14 Bronze Sylt Darts Masters Germany
14 Bronze Y Budapest Classic Hungary
14-15 Y Isle of Man Open Youth Isle of Man
15 Bronze Faroe Islands Darts Open Faroe Islands
15 Bronze Y West Coast Grand Prix Open Australia
15 Bronze Y Budapest Darts Masters Hungary
21-22 Y International WDF Youth Challenge VIENNA Austria
21 Bronze Y Gibraltar Open Gibraltar
27-29 Y Virginia Beach Classic USA
28 Y Tver Open Russia
3-5 Y White Mountain Shootout USA
4 Bronze Acropolis Darts Open Greece
5 Bronze Greek Open Greece
11 Bronze South Island Masters New Zealand
12 Y Zakamsk Cup Russia
12 Bronze Y Victorian Eastern Classic Australia
13 Bronze Geelong Dart Club Singles Australia
17-19 Bronze Y Charlotte Open USA
18 Bronze Estonian Open Estonia
18 Gold Y BULLS German Open Germany
19 Bronze Estonian Masters Estonia
19 Silver BULLS Darts Masters Germany
23-24 Bronze Y Mediterranean Open Turkey
24-26 Bronze Y Murray Bridge Grand Prix Australia
25-26 Bronze Y Mediterranean Masters Turkey
25-26 B/G SFS Youth Open Canada
26 Bronze North Island Masters New Zealand
1-3 Silver Y Cleveland Extravaganza USA
2 Gold Y Denmark Open Denmark
3 Silver Y Denmark Masters Denmark
8-10 Y Darts for Arch USA
8 Silver Red Dragon Welsh Classic Wales
9 Bronze Lithuania Open Lithuania
10 Gold Y Read Dragon Welsh Open Wales
10 Bronze Vilnus Open Lithuania
16 Bronze Y Finnish Open Finland
17 Bronze Finland Masters Finland
23-24 Bronze Y Sunshine State Classic Australia
23 Silver Y Winmau Polish Open Poland
24 Bronze Y Winmau Police Masters Poland
30 Y Darts SA No1 Youth Masters Australia
30 Bronze Slovenia Darts Open Slovenia
31 Bronze Canterbury Open New Zealand
6 Bronze Y Swiss Open Switzerland
6 Bronze Y Winmau Mongolia Open Mongolia
7 Bronze Y Melton Dart Club Classic Australia
7 Bronze Y Helvetia Open Switzerland
7 Bronze Winmau Mongolia Masters Mongolia
7 Bronze West Japan Japan
12-14 Y Cherry Bomb International USA
12-14 Silver England National Singles England
13 Bronze PUMA New Zealand Masters New Zealand
13-14 Gold Y England Open England
19-21 Bronze Canadian Open Canada
20 Bronze Y Austrian Open VIENNA Austria
21 Bronze Y Vienna Darts Open Austria
27-28 Silver Australian Grand Masters Canberra Australia
27-28 Bronze Y International On The Water Australia
4 Bronze Y Apatin Open Serbia
8-12 B/G WDF Europe Cup Youth (National Team) Hungary
24-26 Y The Joe & Mary Houston Memorial - Youth Canada
25 Silver Y Luxembourg Open Luxembourg
26 Silver Y Luxembourg Masters Luxembourg
26 Bronze Y Japan Open Japan
2 Gold Pacific Masters Australia
8 Silver B/G Antwerp Open Belgium
9 Silver B/G Belgium Open Belgium
12 Silver New Zealand Open New Zealand
15 Silver Swedish Open Sweden
21-22 Bronze Salavaev Cup Russia
22 Bronze Y French Open France
23 Bronze Bray Dunes Classic France
29 Y TAS Youth Masters Australia
4-6 Silver Washington Area Open USA
5 Bronze Catalonia Open Catalonia
6 Bronze FCD Anniversary Open Catalonia
7-11   WDF Asia Pacific Cup (National Team) Chinese Taipei
11-13 Y Lake Erie Classic USA
11-13 Silver England Masters England
11-13 Bronze Novi Sad Open (TBC) Serbia
12 Bronze Kalashnikov Cup Russia
12 Bronze Taranaki Open New Zealand
12-13 Silver Y England Classic England
18-20 Y Witch City Open USA
19 Bronze Auckland Open New Zealand
19-20 Bronze North QLD Classic Australia
25-27 Silver Cosmo Malaysian Open Malaysia
26 Y Darts SA Youth Masters Australia
29-3 Oct - WDF Europe Cup (National Team) Spain
3-4 Silver Australian Masters Geelong Australia
4 Gold Winmau Spanish Open Spain
8-11 Bronze Egypt Open Egypt
9-11 Silver Y Klondike Open Canada
16-18 Silver Y Colorado Open USA
17 Silver Y Northern Ireland Open Northern Ireland
18 Gold Target Korea Open South Korea
18 Bronze Y Northern Ireland Matchplay Northern Ireland
23-25 Bronze Bob Jones Memorial Canada
24 Bronze Alan King Memorial New Zealand
29-30 Bronze Y Turkish Open Turkey
31-1 Nov Bronze Y Turkish Masters Turkey
31 Bronze Y Latvia Open Latvia
31 Bronze Y Hungarian Classic Hungary
1 Y Udmurt Open Russia
1 Bronze Y Riga Open Latvia
1 Bronze Y Hungarian Masters Hungary
6-8 Bronze Y Seacoast Open USA
7 Y NSW Youth Masters Australia
8 Silver Red Dragon Welsh Masters Wales
14 Gold Y Winmau Irish Open Republic of Ireland
15 Silver Y High Performance Roofing Singles Republic of Ireland
17-19 Silver Malta International Open Malta
20-22 Gold Y Czech Open Czech Republic
21-22 Silver Y Hong Kong Open Hong Kong
22 Bronze Ted Clements Memorial New Zealand
28 Bronze Russian Open Russia
28 Gold Finder Italian Grand Masters Italy
29 Bronze Saint-Petersburg Open Russia
29 Silver Italian Open Italy
6 Y Ural Cup Russia

Please Note: WDF Calendar correct at the time of publishing. Events are subject to change for operational or other unavoidable reasons.

The WDF has introduced a new tournament ranking system for the 2020 season. Gone are tournament levels 1,2 and three and these have been replaced with Gold Silver Bronze! An overhaul of the tournament fixtures now means each ranking tournament will carry a cat GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE. For full information and the latest information, please visit the WDF website.

Darts501.com nor its owner try to ensure the calendar is correct, however accept no liability should the details change or be cancelled. For ticket availability and to ensure you have the latest information please visit the event organiser’s websites.





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