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July 08, 2007 - 01:29 PM

i have suffored for almost a decade, and dont know really where to turn, about 15 years ago i played county , now i can barely put 3 darts in the 20, i am pulling, snatching i seem to throw better downstairs at 17's or 19's but now even they have eluded me and i end up with one in the tyre surround .
it is so frustrating knowing you used to be able to throw and now stevie wonder would give me a good game.
i have tried light darts heavier darts , short fat barrels, long barrels
nothing seems to change, i could cry sometimes, i have thought about trying to throw like vincent van der voort 3 darts in 4 seconds without looking at the board but yes you guessed they still go all over the place
any ideas would be gratefully received
i have a feeling it is to do with nerves with me being asthmatic, i wonder if taking kalms might help

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