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March 30, 2008 - 12:30 PM

i was a county standard darts player at 19.i was playing in a game the day before i was due to go on holiday.I had a lot on my mind and started to snatch my darts and had a problem letting them go.The problem soon became so bad i was falling over the oche trying to let the darts go.I struggled on for 3 years but it became all i could focus on and i was aware people were watching me and the more i thought about the problem the worse it became.I gave up darts for 8 years,then was persuaded to try again playing more for fun than anything.To my surprise i started to play well again,i loved it back in the groove.My son became interested in darts and after lots of hours on the practise board he was a very good player.We joined the same team and people would tell him how good a player i used to be.I cant say for certain what brought it back on,i think i put to much pressure on myself to be as good as i was to show my son his dad was a good player.Dartitis came back,i was only aware of the dartitis and not the darts!I am still fighting it and am now trying to relax more and just enjoy my game.I have a weird throw now where i throw from acrooss my chest rather than straight on.This can be frustratting as one dart hits treble 20 ,the next could be anywhere,still keeps the chalker on his toes!The thing is unless you have had dartitis you dont know what its like,relax,just let em go,dont think about it.All easy to say,bit harder to do.I am going to try a more possitive calmer approach,i dont have to hit a 180 every go or be the player i was,i,m who i am now if i stutter a bit,so what,might let o loose one go,dont care,i love darts!I wont stop ,im just going to enjoy it and if i ever do beat anyone again i,m gonna sing my head off!So no matter how bad it is,hopeless or frustrating,just step back take a deep breath throw with the other hand or chuck em backwards,we love darts just play and enjoy yourselves!

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