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August 01, 2008 - 08:49 AM
Keith; Birmingham

I added a post not so long ago on curing dartitis, well now I seem to have cracked it.
I have come up with an idea based upon American research which claims dartitis is caused by a neuro muscular problem.
All you need to do is get 2 boards, put one on the wall how it should be usually, then put another on the floor directly underneath. Then stand approx 1-2 feet back from the oche and throw the first dart at the board on the floor and then the next at the proper board and then last one at the board on the floor again. Don't worry about hitting any scores just try to hit the board. Do this for 1 hour every day and at the end of the week try to throw again normally at the proper board. As long as your not still worrying about trying to 180's every time you'll start to be able to through steady again.
This is because the original affliction is caused by spasm's in the nerves which cause the thumb and forefinger to clamp together. This is caused by muscle memory. Once you start getting this condition you then start to feel anxiety and embarrassment because people are watching. This then takes over and makes it worse. All you need to do is retrain the nerves in the muscle to stop spasm's, hence the 2 dart boards, and then stop worrying about playing brilliant every time. Just throw at the board and enjoy it, if you have a bad game big deal everyone has one, it wont cost you your life if you don't win every game.
Let me know if this works for anyone else I have seen improvements in a few players already who have tried this method.

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