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June 25, 2009 - 07:36 PM
Robert Drinovz

I was at my board the other day just throwing as normal and all of a sudden my arm locked up and I couldn't let the dart go. This is not the first time for me - it has happened in the past. Unfortunately for me, I have several sets of darts and change shafts and flights way too often. This is most likely the cause of the affliction for me. But I also think it might be my cure. The last time it happened I took as many sets of darts I could hold in my left hand (non throwing) and started releasing them as fast as possible at the board with my right hand. No aiming, just releasing. I tried it today with about six sets over and over and I am letting the dart go and my throw is returning. This is my cure. Hopefully I will get my throw back to normal soon.

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