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June 03, 2010 - 01:26 PM
steve smith

hi there ive been playing darts for 28 yrs, ive played for many teams and enjoyed the sport. one day in my local pub i got my darts out and from the very first dart struggled to let go, all my team mates laughed and said just let go, wish it was that easy i tell you. i got all sweaty and stiff in the arm then my legs locked. ive had dartitus for 5 yrs now and still got it, it has improved slightly now only pause on doubles for some reason. this is how i did it, before a match i listen to a favourite song on my mp3 and chill, ive changed my weight 3 gms heavier also i dont grip them as hard only resting the dart on my hand and dont pull your arm so far back before release. im hitting my 180's again but still have slight pauses on finishing but who cares about winning for me its taking part in a game i love and have become to respect. hope this helps you dart players who are struggling, im there with you. take care and good game.

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