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April 05, 2011 - 08:06 AM

I started getting the dreaded dartitis about two years ago. I've always been a very good shot, humbley speaking, but one night, bang, I couldn't release the dart. At times, I'd actually not even release it, after a few embarrassing attempts. I believe whole-heartedly that stress from home life caused this. I went from hitting ton-eighties to barely 26's. I was devastating. Am in a better place now stress-wise and am practicing more. Gradually getting over it but am still nervous it will return. This is for real, this dartitis, not some bologna as some may believe. If you do have this ailment, don't give up, and TRY to relax your mind at the line. Concentrate on your target, but RELAX. You'll get over it but it may take a while...and that sucks I must say.

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