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January 12, 2012 - 03:52 PM
duncan bond

hi everyone ! i have been crippled with dartitis for about 3 years and i am just starting to come through it ! believe me its still there but i am improving ive won 40% of my games this year and even hit a competitive 180 i thought i might share some of my opinions on what i believe has helped me and not helped me !unless you have experienced it you have no idea what its like and some people will take the mick relentlesley but i found a couple of players in my team who were cheering me on and encouraging me no end ! listen to these guys! talk to them when you are at your lowest and you feel a little better! treat a good game the same as a bad game! come off the board and forget it won or lost ! i used to remember every detail of my game and think about it after and sometimes day after recently i barely remember what happened in my games just if i won or lost ! forget how good you were you are not anymore! dont live on oh i used to do this i used to do that it ! all that matters is how you are doing here and now except you are rock bottom and basically you are re-learning a skill you once had! forget your technique i must have gone through my head a million times oh my dart used to start here my arm was so high etc i used to say on way home i got it sussed now my dart is where i want it !following week bang dartitis is back because all i can think about is where my arm should be and basically i should be looking at the board and not thinking about my arm! dont get drunk this makes it 10 times worse when you cant throw a dart ! and you will make yourself even more down and miserable!.at home keep trying to throw the dart if it takes 50 attempts to let go just keep trying and you can convince yourself you can throw a dart ! dont expect the dartitis to go away learn to play despite it i had it once and got rid of it but the fear it would return stayed with me for about 7 years until it did return i now except i can play despite it being there time to time and even won ...

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