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March 29, 2012 - 01:58 AM

I felt the need to find a blog about dartitis, as I suffered from it for about 2 years. There is alot of good input on this site, and I would like to add some. Perhaps these steps will help you, as they have helped me tremendously. Step 1. DO NOT drink alcohol during this recovery phase. You might think it helps you relax, when in fact it puts you into a state of denial, thus leading to even more despairity. 2.Breath and focus on the blood flowing through your arm, shoulders, neck and back. 3. relax your shoulders. drop them, and do not tighten them. this is where the tension builds, and getting used to relaxing your shoulders secures your arm's relaxation. Now this next step involves alot of practice, once you master the first 3 steps, you have given yourself the best opportunity to succeed in the following steps. 4. As you pull your arm back, try to go in the SLOWEST motion you possibly can. I really want you to focus on completely slowing down the back motion. Notice that dartitis starts with a back motion that is way to fast and uncontrolled. 5. DO NOT pump, doing the forward , then backward motion is not the best option for you anymore, and training your arm to JUST go back , then forward will be more rymthmatic. 6. now this next part will make you laugh; once you have gone back as slow as you can, trust your mind to "KNOW" when it feels right to go forward,and go for it! 7. In the forward motion, I want you to again, focus on keeping it slow and controlled, just as you did when you pulled back. Hopefully these steps are your LUCKY 7 steps, as they are mine. Somewhere along the line our biological system became untuned, and it is our reponsibility to reset it.I now love my throw more than ever, and have been told by many, that I have the smoothest throw they had ever seen from a female darter. Don't give up, and keep your head up:)

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