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March 28, 2013 - 08:50 PM
HP Lim

I had numerous dartitis, recover within few days but not fully as it returns especially during match play. Am going towards full recover now (Only time will tell). To do: Go back to basic throw, change darts if needed, practice it more and less match/ game play (in terms of proportion, stop game even little sign of dartitis). Continue to practice and test with match conditions. Forcing the throw is one of the causes. Forcing is the result of a poor throw (no feel of the dart weight, no fluid motion, no follow throw, excessive aiming, etc). Counter by using the dart's weight and blend the throw with the behavior of the dart setup. This will enable you to command the darts as you improve your execution. Once I had dartitis 2 days before a tournament, I changed my darts, go back to basic and played well to reach the team final. Unfortunately, it came back after a year. After a few recoveries, I understand better. Not all case are the same. But basic is the best.

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