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November 09, 2013 - 09:18 AM
graham kitching

Had this misarable infliction for 3 years, my cure is this,stand infront of the dart board, make sure if you miss the dart board you do not smash anything and close your eyes. if you can relese the darts without dartitis kicking in then all is not lost,next with your eyes open take the stand and cock your arm until you can feel your flight touch your shoulder keep it there until your shoulder is fully relaxed and then release,you my have to wait a while but keep going, it does not mtter where your dart goes scores are not important you need to adjust your brain patterns try not to care about what you score,only the release, this must be done every night for a month, you will have to build up the scoreing as a nother journey do not try to develope both at once this will not work.good luck ps how bad do you want this?

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