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Non GamStop sites: Risks & Rewards

As the gambling industry is growing in the UK. So, the rules are also advancing. In 2020 the UKGC required all British casinos to integrate GameStop service. In order to make a barrier for vulnerable players. However, thousands of participants in GamStop want to enjoy playing freely and without imposing limits on deposits and withdrawals. So, they go to Non GamStop casinos.

These casinos have gained great fame among players in the recent period and are competing with the UK casinos! However, many players are still hesitant to try Non-Gamstop sites at justuk.club. As they do not know what level of gameplay they offer or how safe and protected they are.

In this article, we will explain what casinos outside GameStop are, what exactly they offer, and what are their pros and cons, but before that, we must first get to know Gamstop scheme.


What is a GamStop service?

GamStop is an independent, non-profit body that aims to prevent gambling addiction in Britain and Northern Ireland. Since GamStop is a charity, players can sign up for free.

The main objective of GamStop is that the player requests to be self-excluded from all British casinos, sports betting sites, bingo networks and poker portals for a period ranging from 6 months to a maximum of 5 years.

To participate in this program, you must take some steps, as follows:


  • Go to the GamCare website.

  • Register a new account.

  • Choose the self-exclusion period. Ranges between 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.


Prior to 2020, casinos and sports betting sites were free to integrate with GamStop. Now, the UKGC has required all casinos to integrate with this service fully. To create a barrier for vulnerable people to prevent them from becoming compulsive gamblers.

Thus, players registered with GameStop will not be able to make deposits and withdrawals with British casinos.

Also, the UKGC has placed more restrictions on game studios to reduce the appeal of these games and playing time. However, while the UKGC seeks to reduce the problem of gambling addiction. Gaming studios and online casinos are working to allure players with more attractive features!

Therefore, the UKGC is rushing to place more restrictions on them. The downside to these rules is that they reduce the games’ pleasure and restrict the players’ freedom. For example, if you subscribe to GamStop, you will not be able to play at any British casino during the exclusion period. Also, your account on GamStop can’t be canceled!


How do Non GamStop casinos work?

All casinos without the UKGC license are Non GamStop casinos! Because they operate outside the UK, hold licenses of overseas legal entities. Also, they accept British players no problem and offer them many different benefits such as:


  • Larger game collection

  • Less restrictions on deposits and withdrawals

  • More bonuses

  • Support digital currencies

  • Flexible deposit and withdrawal limits


These casinos hold licenses for committees such as (GBGA, MGA, Curacao Committee). As such, it also applies security measures to protect users' personal and financial data. Thus, ensuring that you get the same level of protection that UK casinos and bookies offer.

The downside of external committee licenses is that they are useless in solving your complaints. We have seen many British players who get their prizes after resorting to the UKGC or the British Court. Unluckily, you will miss this feature in the Non GamStop casinos. However, this problem will not be an obstacle for you. If you want to play for fun and wager with limited amounts.

Nevertheless, it is important for players not to use the non GamStop casinos as a loophole to overcome the ban because gambling addiction can ruin the player and his family.


Are Non GamStop Casinos Legal?

Some British players believe that it is illegal to sign up and play in Non GamStop casinos. But this is not true! Signing up and playing in these casinos is legal for British players and players of any other country.

However, you will lack the great benefits of the British laws that protect your winnings in any case. But as we have already indicated, this point will not be an obstacle for you if you want to play with limited amounts.


Benefits & Downflows of GamStop

Playing at one of the Non GamStop Casinos comes with a set of benefits and downflows. Which you should be aware of before registering for a new account at one of these casinos.



  • Huge rewards for both new and loyal players alike.

  • There are no restrictions neither on deposit nor on playing time.

  • Huge bundle of games offered by major global studios.

  • Supports a wide range of payment methods, including digital currencies.

  • These casinos also offer the self exclusion option.



  • Some players can use these casinos to escape the limitations of GamStop.

  • Often, they don’t accept GBP currency.

  • You will not be able to resolve your disputes through the gaming committee or the court.



Recently the UKGC has imposed a lot of restrictions on the casinos. So, there are many excellent sites that have exited the British market, such as 1xbet. These restrictions do not affect the casinos only, but they also hinder players from enjoying their favourite games as they wish. Therefore, Non GamStop Casinos may represent a good solution for players who want to enjoy free and unrestricted gameplay. However, players should not use these casinos as a loophole in the GameStop scheme, which may expose them to the risks of gambling addiction.







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