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Top * Greatest Dart Players of All Time


Top 8 Greatest Dart Players of All Time

There are lots of great dart players, but some of them are so skilled at their craft that they truly go down in history. Here are the top 8 greatest dart players of all time.


1. Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is probably the greatest dart player alive. He’s a real titan of the dart world and has an incredible 16 PDC World Championship titles under his belt. Between 1990 and 2017, he spent most of the time as the number-one ranked darts player, securing his place in the dart history books.


2. Michael Van Gerwen

Now that Phil Taylor’s out of the way, the current title of the best player in the world goes to Van Gerwen.

Right now, he sits at the top of the list of dart titans, and it’s going to take a lot to knock him off that podium. This dart prodigy had already won the World Masters by age 17 and has 32 major PDC titles to his name.


3. Raymond Van Barneveld

Dutch darts player Barneveld is another contender for the title that has more than earned his place in the history books. He’s won four BDO world titles in just 7 years and even beat our number one Phil Taylor in what fans have called ‘the greatest darts match of all time’. He’s a real living legend.


4. Eric Bristow

Back in his heydey, Eric Bristow - the ‘Crafty Cockney’ - was basically darts royalty. He won a whopping 5 World Masters titles and the same number of World Championships in the span of a decade.

He eventually retired from darts at the top of his game after being hit by dartitis, but his name still lives on - and probably will for many decades.


5. Gary Anderson

Anderon is a proud Scot and currently the third-ranked darts player in the PDC world rankings. He’s won two World Championship Darts and holds two Premier League titles.

He’s not yet reached the same legendary status as the four titans above, but he’s not far off. When he plays well, he can hold his own with the likes of Van Gerwen.


6. John Lowe MBE

John Lowe is another fantastic darts player who was at his best in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. He won the World Championships in all three of these decades, which shows just how consistent he’s been in the darts world. He was the first person to ever hit a nine-dart finish in a televised match, doing so back in 1984.


7. Dennis Priestley

If you haven’t heard of Priestley, you mustn’t be a darts fan. He’s one of the most recognisable names in darts and won two World Championship titles during his illustrious career. Unfortunately, he was defeated by Phil Taylor in the title four times. If it wasn’t for Taylor, it might have been Priestley at the top of this list.


8. Jocky Wilson

Jocky Wilson was not only an incredible darts player, but he was also an incredible sports personality. He was a fan-favourite and fondly remembered for both his antics and for winning two world titles back in the 80s.

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