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Who Are  The Main Favourites for the 2024 Modus Super Series?


Who Are The Main Favourites for the 2024 Modus Super Series?

The Modus Super Series is the successor to the online Darts Live League featured in 2021 during the Covid lockdown. But since its launch at a purpose-built location in Portsmouth in September 2022, the Series has gone from strength to strength.

The MODUS Super Series is open to players who do not hold a current PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) Tour Card. However, the weekly events feature ex-world champions and legends of the sports. Fallon Sherrock, Martin Adams, Robert Thornton, Kevin Painter, Trina Gulliver, Mark McGeeney, Mikuru Suzuki and Thibault Tricole have all graced the Modus Super Series Oche. Before his recent fame, Luke Littler also won Modus Series Events. But unfortunately for Luke and Modus, he is no longer eligible to play. So you may see the next Luke Littler first via the Super Series.

Professional commentators roster and present the Series on a weekly basis. These include Paul Nicholson, Mark Webster, Chris Mason, Chris Murphy, and Abigail Davies, plus a few additional players.

The weekly league features 12 players in three groups A, B and C, with the top players progressing to weekly finals. Every 13 weeks, the winners of the previous 12 weeks compete in a Modues Super Series Champions Week


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Although there is no clear favourite for the overall champion, Jelle Klaasen, the former BDO World Champion, might be a good bet. it seems likely that he will continue to lead the pack during the Modus Darts Super Series.

Watch the Weekly events live via the Modus YouTube Channel.


Modus YouTube Channel.


Modus Professional Darts Exhibitions

Modus Professional Darts Exhibitions

Besides the Weekley Super Series, Modus also organise some of the best-attended darts exhibitions featuring top professionals and World Champions.

Head to Head World Champions Challenge, 26th November 2024, at the Mattioli Arena, Leicester, featuring Luke Humpries, the 2024 PDC World Darts Champions, vs  Michael van Gerwen, the three-time winner of the PDC World Event


Luke Humphries

Mr Humphries has proven his mettle during past competitions, so he is a fan favourite for 2024. Many have ranked Luke as the most likely to win on the night. Luke is known for his consistency and innate ability to handle pressure, and Humphries is undoubtedly no stranger to high-stakes games. As he has already won three competitions in the last year, it seems likely that he will continue to lead the pack during the Modus Darts World Champions Challenge.


Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen has been a mainstay within the darts community for several years. Even his competitors cannot deny that he is one of the best in the business. Interestingly, van Gerwen has not won a major championship since 2022. His last ranking major victory came at the World Matchplay, where he defeated Gerwyn Price 18-9 in the final. However, he should never be underestimated, as he can win another major event very soon.

Other Modus feature a whole host of dart stars. Gerwyn Price, Robert Thornton, Jonny Clayton and the man from down under, Simon Whitlock, will feature in a Night at the Darts at the Swansea Mecca Bingo on Friday 23rd August 2024

Luke Humphries, Gerwyn Price, Rapid Rickey Evans, and the Queen of the Palace Fallon Sherrock  are at the DW Stadium Wigan on 12th September 2024


A Night at the Darts - Exhibitions

Brentwood 6th July
Swansea 23rd August 2024
Wigan 19th September 2024
Whitby 27th September 2024
Skegness 5th October 2024
Derby 1st November 2024
Warrington 3rd November
Northampton 2nd November 2024

You can find out more about the Modus Super Series and Darts Exhibitions from Modus. You can also book tickets to these events via the Ticket Centre






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