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World Darts Championship - Michael van Gerwen


Main Reasons to Watch the World Darts Championships

While the tradition of Christmas falls on December 25, for the darts fans, Christmas starts as soon as the first arrow is thrown at the PDC World Darts Championship. The two-week innocently fought competition concludes on New Year’s Day with the World Champion being crowned.

Through the years, darts has evolved from a simple pub game to a recognised sport. It has become a worldwide phenomenon. Each year, the television audience has been increasing in numbers with over 5 million today. Darts is the second biggest sport watched on Sky TV, and it is still growing. It is second only to the national game of football!


Witness Biggest Dart Tournament

In the past years, around 72 arrowsmiths have competed at the Alexandra Palace. Through in recent years, the number has increased with nationalities taking part, just like the players in https://prediksitogel55.com .

The recent increase of players qualifying to take part in the World Darts Championships means the format has also changed. Preliminary rounds have been replaced, and seed players are joining the tournament in the later stages. The biggest dart tournament in the world also boost the most significant prize money, £500,000 going to the winner in 2019


Anastasia DobromyslovaFemale Players at the PDC World Championships

Today, you rarely see male and female players compete against one another. In the past, only a couple have managed to gain a sport at the PDC World Championships. In 2019 two spots were reserved for female players each had to qualify via one of two qualifying routes.

The two players that qualified for the 2019 World Championships were Lisa Ashton from England and Anastasia Dobromyslova from Russia. Both ladies, however, were defeated in their first rounds.


New 180s Records

180Professional players seem to hit the maximum score of 180 with ease. Each year the record for the most 180s hit seems to be broken. However, hitting 180 requires a great degree of practice, skill and accuracy. The pressure for some players can be too much, and the slightest wobble can be a disaster. To then how to throw darts explore this website for help and advise.

Other than the 180 the much harder to his is the nine-dart leg. Over the years we have seen many hit the first televised nine-darter was hit by John Lowe MBE. Adrian Lewis, however, managed this feat in a World Championship final.


The Sport is Not Disappointing to Watch Due to the Drama Present

Indeed, the World Darts championship will never disappoint you just like the poker online. People love unscripted drama just like darts. Every tournament offers something different. The closer a player gets to winning a match, the more pressure he will feel.

From a fan perspective, it is one of the best sporting events to attend. The fancy dress seems to be a must do as well as having a good time. The party atmosphere is infectious, and all have a good time.






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