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The sport of darts is renowned for the skill and accuracy of the dart thrower. If you can’t throw a dart accurately then you will lose every dart game you are playing. So, how does a player improve their skill on a dartboard? Mostly by playing games and using Practice routines.

The most common games played on a standard dartboard or, to give it its official name, the ‘London Clock dartboard’ is ’01 and Cricket. Cricket, in this case, is not the bat and ball game we know in the UK, but American Cricket where segments of the dartboard 15-20 and the bulls need to be closed before any score can be obtained upon them. Details of the rules can be found on the standard game’s rules section of this website. However, besides standard games that are mostly played in competition darts as well as social darts there are many games players adopt to help improve their skill.

Dartboard manufacturers have realised there is a market for different dartboards to help improve a dart players skill. The Champions dartboard has thinner doubles and treble segments and One80 seem to have adopted a dot dartboard that helps players concentrate on hitting the centre of each scoring segment. This is similar to the ‘improve your accuracy’ section I have on this website. However, in my case, I use a standard dartboard.

There are lots of different games that can be played on a dartboard: Shanghai, Noughts and Crosses (tic, tack, toe), Loop just to name a few. However, you can still purchase dartboards that are designed specially to play card games. These dartboards are usually known as casino dartboards or card dartboards.


Games played on these dartboards will be familiar to card players: Poker, Brag and Blackjack also known as 21 are just a few. Official rules on how to play Blackjack or how to play 21 are available online and is a relatively easy game to play but can take a long time to become a master. The same can be said for Blackjack-21 played on casino dartboard where the skill is in your ability to throw and accuracy is the key to winning.

It seems that darts, cards and even dice games go hand in hand. The initial scoring of a 301-dart game was scored on a card cribbage board and names of some of the dart games played also originate from popular card games as well as various other games that are not normally played on a dartboard.

Casino / Poker / Card Dartboards

Dart players have made many games over the years to keep people entertained and I have also introduced a few dart games to the world of darts. 180 Around the Clock, Chase the Dragon and Grand National which is based on the famous horse race that takes place on the UK every year. This game, in particular, is good for a social game of darts regardless of your ability. Handicaps can be placed on better players to even the odds and the game can be played by two or more players, the more the better in some cases.

Details of the Winmau Casino 301 dartboard rules and the many games that can be played on this dartboard can be found here. Sadly, this dartboard is no longer in commercial production however, some of these boards can still be found on eBay. If you can’t find a board a standard dartboard can be adapted as long as you have the patience to label the dartboard correctly.


Winmau Casino 301 Dartboard


Winmau 301 Dartboard Segment

Ever since darts was invented betting has followed suit. Whether a social game is played for a pint of beer or small money wager, darts has always been a game/sport that many have placed a small wager upon. The professional side of the sport is no exception. The major dart events are mainly sponsored by betting firms as they know the roots of the sport is entangled with small as well as large bets.

If a social dart fan knows the sport well enough, their bet on a professional game can prove quite successful but always bet responsibly as there is no fun losing large amounts.






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