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The Basics you need to know about Darts


The origins of the popular indoor sport of darts can be traced back to the French game ‘Flechettes’.

Over time there have been many variations of both the dart and dartboards have been made.  Modern technology has played its part in ensuring improved in the darts and dartboards construction

The best material to use for dartboards as always been a brain teaser for manufacturers and many different materials have been used there include, paper, wood, modelling clay and sisal a material normally associated with rope making. The boards used today are made using compressed sisal which is a plant fibre.

The average life of any decent dartboard varies depending on its use. However, to prolong the life the dartboard should be turned weekly. i.e. moving the location of the ‘20 segment’ to allow even ware. The top dartboards used in Darts competitions around the world also have a blade wiring also known as the web. Unlike round or triangular dartboard wiring, the blade wire doesn’t move or widen or decrease a scoring segment when a dart hits it.





Darts has been a popular game played in the public houses in the UK for over a hundred years. The early wooden boards had to be soaked to allow the dart punctures to heal before the next day’s play. Some still find it hard to imagine how anyone can have a steady hand after long binges of alcohol, however, the competitive nature of the sport has lived on to this day.

Darts has thrived in the past few years thanks to huge publicity and advertising campaigns. Betting companies abound but not all offer Darts as an option. This is where Jackpotjoy sign up offer is something to consider as you can place your bets on Casino and get a handsome reward for signing up.


Darts Pub


Due to its strong roots in local UK pubs, the UK and Ireland boast a large number of both professional and amateur darts players. Other Commonwealth countries, together with Holland, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and the US also enjoy their fair share of darts enthusiasts.


Prize Money


Unfortunately, there is still a clear disparity between Men’s and Women’s Prizemoney. The 2019 Men’s BDO World Championship crown won £100,000 whilst the women only receive almost 10 times less £12,000. The 2019 PDC World Champion won £500,000

The top professional darts players play for a total prize fund of over £14m per year and the top earners are all millionaires. A few have sponsorship deals that can more than double their annual prize winnings.

Dart fans that attend the World Championship and many other dart events treat the events as a party and can consume large amounts of alcohol, which makes their participation very vociferously during the event!


Darts Party


Whilst watching a live darts match it is worth placing a bet on darts so you can enjoy watching and hoping your bet comes through. Just make sure you are sober when you do this!


Future of Darts

Needless to say, the future of Darts looks bright. There are plenty of upcoming players ready to take the world by storm. The sport is not expensive to play and you can practice in the comfort of your own home!




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