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Darts Quiz


The Darts Big Quiz (sorry no prizes, just for fun!)

So, you think you know Darts?

Here is a list of dart related questions that may test your knowledge of the sport. Some of you may find this easy, others not. You will, however, find the answers somewhere on this website, and you may discover new exciting pages to read while you battle to get a perfect score.

The questions are deliberately testing, so only the best will achieve a high score.

In this update, I will now show you the answers that you may get wrong. After completing the quiz, click on ‘Check My Score and Show Results’. Questions you get correct will now be shown in GREEN the ones you get wrong will be shown in RED.

However, I do provide the solutions and two versions of the quiz you can download and play at home, in a club or as a pub quiz. The questions are the same. However, version one gives you a multiple-choice option, while version two gives no options at all.

No prizes, this is just for fun and should test even the best darts guru!

If you link this quiz try the revised Dart Players Nickname Quiz. There is a link at the bottom of the page.

The answers to these questions and much more information about darts are on the darts websites written by David King, or you can just reveal the solutions below:

Detail correct at the time of publication 12th June 2020



Download for a Pub Quiz or for just some friendly fun.


Darts Quiz Questions
Darts Quiz Questions
Quiz Master Darts Quiz Questions


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