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PDC Darts Premier League Darts: Finals O2 London, 23rd May 2019 Sky Sports

Michael van Gerwen wins the round robin phase of the 2019 Premier league. Gerwen beat Mensur Suljovic 8-5 on the final night of league sending Suljovic out of the running for a play-off final place. Rob Cross lost his final match to James Wade; the loss cost Cross the £25,000 bonus that comes from topping the league table.

Daryl Gurney with an 8-3 win over Michael Smith secured the final Play-off space at the O2 Arena on the 23rd May.

The top four players now play a straight knockout to become the 2019 Premier League champion.

More details including league table, match results, venues and schedule can be seen below. The League table will be updated each week so you can be sure of viewing the latest details.

  • Featured Dart Events - May - June 2019


PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - May

1 Players Championship 14 Barnsley PDCTV HD
2 Premier League Darts 14 Manchester Sky Sports
3 - 5 Austrain Open Graz PDCTV HD
9 Premier League Darts 15 Sheffield Sky Sports
16 Premier League Darts 16 Leeds Sky Sports
18 - 19 Players Championship 15, 16 Barnsley PDCTV HD
23 Premier League Darts Play-Offs London Sky Sports


PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - June

6 - 9 World Cup Germany Sky Sports
8 Development Tour 9, 10 M.Keynes
9 Development Tour 11, 12 M.Keynes
13 European Tour HNQ 8 Denmark
14 - 16 Danish Open Denmark PDCTV HD
21 European Tour UK Q 9 + 10 Wigan
22 Players Championship 17 Wigan PDCTV HD
23 Players Championship 18 Wigan PDCTV HD
27 European Tour HNQ 9 Prague
28 - 30 European Tour 9 Prague PDCTV HD


BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - May

4 - 5 Denmark Open / Masters Denmark TBC
10 - 12 Welsh Classic / Open Wales TBC
10 - 12 Lithuanian Open / Vilnius Open Lithuanian
11 - 12 Finnish Open / Masters Finland
18 - 19 Polish Open / Masters Poland


BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - June

2 Lincolnshire Open Gainsborough
8 - 9 Swiss / Helvetia Open Switzerland
15 Canadian Open Canada
14 - 16 England National Singles / Open Selsey TV TBC
15 New Zealand Masters New Zealand
21 - 23 Six Nations Netherlands TV TBC
22 Austrian Open Austria
23 LDO Ladies Classic Gainsborough
23 Australian Grand Masters Australia
29 BDO Gold Cup Rotherham TV TBC
30 Champions Cup Rotherham TV TBC


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Welcome to the NEW look Darts501 website

Many viewers will know I have written several very successful dart websites over the past fifteen years, each with their own spin on the sport. I have also written a few professional players websites that you may also have come across. My love of the game has never diminished and with over forty years of playing the game, I would like to share as much about darts the game, the sport, the history and the development of the game.

This website is new and fresh and I have learned on my experience as player, developer and designer to hopefully bring you a little more to the sport millions love and play every week.

This website contains information regarding the ‘01 game played by all plus the many UK regional dartboard differences of both past and present. Players nicknames, music, dart checkout charts and basic tournament charts are available for you to download and print for your personal use. There will be something on this website for everyone, even if it a quick look at the facts and myths that surround the sport.

As a player, I would rate myself as a good pub league player. I never ventured into major competition except for the first year of PDC UK Open, I won locally but was unable to attend regional knockouts. Today I tend to watch as a keen supporter of the sport and love to see people enjoying the sport, even if it is only over a friendly pint or two.

My thanks go to the major dart organisations, dart manufacturers, suppliers, the darts historian Dr Patrick Chaplin, darts legend Trina Gulliver MBE, Mark McGeeney and the many others that have helped me over the years to develop this website and many other dart websites. More details can be found on my acknowledgement page. See footer.

D.King – UK Darts Knowledge at it’s best.

Latest Page Updates



Premier League Table and Match Results updated: 16th May 2019



PDC 2019 Unibet Premier League Darts

Unibet Premier League Darts 2019

The Unibet Premier League Darts starts 7th February 2019 with a new line-up of players. Raymond van Barneveld will be competing in his last Premier League as he has announced his retirement from the professional sport and will make his last appearance at the 2020 World Darts Championships.

Gary Anderson pulled out of the Premier League one week prior to the start, his place has been filled by nine contenders. See the Premier League Darts Table for more details.

For 16 weeks the Premier League Players will compete for a first prize £250,000 of a total prize fund of £855,000 and a bonus of £25,000 for topping the league at the end of round 15

Having won the Premier League for the past four years, Michael van Gerwen will line up as the favourite to retain the title.

Full details will be available on this website including a results table showing the players progress as each week passes. Watch live via Sky Sports


Premier League Format

The opening nine weeks will see the ten players face each other once before the bottom two players are eliminated on Judgement Night, with the remaining players then facing off once more before the top four progress to the Play-Offs in London on 17th May.

2019 Change: Due to Gary Anderson pulling out of this year’s event and his place being taken by nine ‘contenders’, this year only the bottom player from the regular league will be eliminated at this stage. The contenders will then take no further part.


2019 Premier League Players Line-up

 PDC Order of Merit  PDC (Wild Cards)  Sky (Wild Cards)
 Michael van Gerwen  Daryl Gurney  Mensur Suljović
 Rob Cross  Michael Smith  Raymond van Barneveld
 Peter Wright  Gerwyn Price  
 CONTENDER  James Wade  

The premiership line is made up of the four highest ranked PDC players and six further wild card players selected by the PDC / Sky Sports


2019 Premier League Prize Fund

Winner £250,000 Seventh Place £55,000
Runner-Up £120,000 Eighth Place £50,000
Semi-Finalists £80,000 Ninth Place £35,00
Fifth Place £70,000 Tenth Place £20,000
Sixth Place £60,000 League Leader's Bonus £25,000

Total Prize Fund £855,000

PDC EventTicket Centre

For more information please visit the PDC Website.


PDC 2019 PDC Premier League Darts Players Table


Round 16 - Unibet Premier League Darts Table 2019












 Michael van Gerwen








 Rob Cross








 James Wade








 Daryl Gurney








 Gerwyn Price








 Mensur Suljović








 Michael Smith








 Peter Wright









 Raymond van Barneveld


















Movement from previous week.

R After week 9 the bottom two players are relegated from the league and the remaining eight players battle it out until week 15 when the top four will enter the play-off finals at the O2 Area in London.

NA 2019 Change: Due to Gary Anderson pulling out of this year’s event and his place being taken by nine ‘contenders’, this year only the bottom player from the regular league will be eliminated at this stage. The contenders will then take no further part.


All league fixtures will be the best of 12 legs of 501 to the end of week nine. Once a player reaches seven legs, they have won the game and no further legs will be played.

From week ten league fixtures are best of 14 until the play-off finals.

Two points will be awarded for a win, one point will be awarded for a draw and no points will be awarded for a defeat.

The player named on the left in the fixture list will throws first in the opening leg of each match. This will be reversed in the second meeting (where applicable).

Should players be tied on points in the league table, leg difference will be the first deciding factor. If this is also a tie, then legs won against throw will be the next deciding factor, and any further tie would be split by a comparison of the relevant players' three-dart tournament average at that stage.

After week 9 the bottom two players are relegated from the league and the remaining eight players battle it out until week 15 when the top four will enter the play-off finals at the O2 Area in London

The player topping the league after week 15 will receive an additional £25,000 bonus



 Night  Venue  Player W | D | L Leg +/- Results
Night One Newcastle Chris Dobey D 0 6 - 6
Night Two Glasgow Glen Durrant (BDO 3x World Champion) L -4 3 - 7
Night Three Dublin Steve Lennon L -2 5 - 7
Night Four Exeter Luke Humphries D 0 6 - 6
Night Five Aberdeen John Henderson D 0 6 - 6
Night Six Nottingham Nathan Aspinall L -5 2 - 7
Night Seven Berlin Max Hopp L -4 3 - 7
Night Eight Rotterdam Dimitri Van den Bergh D 0 6 - 6
Night Nine Rotterdam Jeffrey de Zwaan L -3 4 - 7



PDC Premier League Winners

2018 Michael van Gerwen beat Michael Smith
2017 Michael van Gerwen beat Peter Wright
2016 Michael van Gerwen beat Phil Taylor
2015 Gary Anderson beat Michael van Gerwen
2014 Raymond van Barneveld beat Michael van Gerwen
2013 Michael van Gerwen beat Phil Taylor
2012 Phil Taylor beat Simon Whitlock
2011 Gary Anderson beat Adrian Lewis
2010 Phil Taylor beat James Wade
2009 James Wade beat Mervyn King
2008 Phil Taylor beat James Wade
2007 Phil Taylor beat Terry Jenkins
2006 Phil Taylor beat Roland Scholten
2005 Phil Taylor beat Colin Lloyd


The premier league final best of legs has changed over the years, 2005-2008 best of 31 legs, 2009 best of 25 legs, 2010-2014 best of 19 legs and 2015- Current best of 21 legs

Live on Sky Sports

For tickets more information please visit the PDC Website


PDC 2019 Unibet Premier League Darts Schedules & Match Results

Following the opening nine nights of fixtures, the player placed ninth on the Premier League table following Judgement Night in Rotterdam will be eliminated from the competition, with the remaining eight players battling it out from nights ten to 16 in the race for the Play-Offs at The O2.

Due to Gary Andersons withdrawal from the league, NINE CONTENDERS will take his place on the opening nigh nights. The new line-up is shown below

Schedule of Play

The player named first will throw first.

All league fixtures are best of 12 legs of 501. Once a player reaches seven legs, they have won the game and no further legs are played.


Night One - Thursday February 7
Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
James Wade 7 - 4 Raymond van Barneveld
Gerwyn Price 7 - 4 Daryl Gurney
CHRIS DOBEY 6 - 6 Mensur Suljović
Michael van Gerwen 7 - 5 Michael Smith
Peter Wright 6 - 6 Rob Cross
Night Two - Thursday February 14
The SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Peter Wright 6 - 6 Michael Smith
Rob Cross 7 - 4 James Wade
Raymond van Barneveld 6 - 6 Gerwyn Price
Daryl Gurney 7 - 3 GLEN DURRANT
Mensur Suljović 3 - 7 Michael van Gerwen
Night Three - Thursday February 21
3Arena, Dublin
Gerwyn Price 6 - 6 James Wade
STEVE LENNON 5 - 7 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 7 - 2 Rob Cross
Michael Smith 5 - 7 Daryl Gurney
Mensur Suljović 6 - 6 Raymond van Barneveld
Night Four - Thursday February 28
Westpoint Exeter
LUKE HUMPHRIES 6 - 6 Gerwyn Price
Daryl Gurney 1 - 7 Rob Cross
Mensur Suljović 7 - 4 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 3 - 7 James Wade
Michael Smith 7 - 4 Raymond van Barneveld
Night Five - Thursday March 7
The BHGE Arena, Aberdeen
Michael Smith 3 - 7 Rob Cross
Daryl Gurney 0 - 7 James Wade
Mensur Suljović 3 - 7 Gerwyn Price
Raymond van Barneveld 3 - 7 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 6 - 6 JOHN HENDERSON
Night Six - Thursday March 14
Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham
NATHAN ASPINALL 2 - 7 Michael Smith
James Wade 3 - 7 Mensur Suljović
Rob Cross 7 - 3 Raymond van Barneveld
Gerwyn Price 2 - 7 Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright 6 - 6 Daryl Gurney
Night Seven - Thursday March 21
Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin
Gerwyn Price 4 - 7 Rob Cross
James Wade 6 - 6 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 5 - 7 Daryl Gurney
Michael Smith 2 - 7 Mensur Suljović
MAX HOPP 3 - 7 Raymond van Barneveld
Night Eight - Wednesday March 27
Rotterdam Ahoy
Gerwyn Price 5 - 7 Michael Smith
Rob Cross 5 - 7 Mensur Suljović
Peter Wright 1 - 7 Michael van Gerwen
Raymond van Barneveld 1 - 7 Daryl Gurney
Judgement Night - Thursday March 28
Rotterdam Ahoy
Daryl Gurney 7 - 3 Mensur Suljović
Peter Wright 5 - 7 Gerwyn Price
Rob Cross 7 - 4 JEFFREY DE ZWAAN
Raymond van Barneveld 1 - 7 Michael van Gerwen
James Wade 7 - 4 Michael Smith
(Best of 14 Legs from this point)
Night Ten - Thursday April 4
The SSE Arena, Belfast
Mensur Suljović 8 - 6 James Wade
Michael Smith 7 - 7 Peter Wright
Rob Cross 8 - 4 Daryl Gurney
Michael van Gerwen 7 - 7 Gerwyn Price
Night 11 - Thursday April 11
M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool
Rob Cross 8 - 5 Peter Wright
Gerwyn Price 8 - 5 Mensur Suljović
James Wade 7 - 7 Daryl Gurney
Michael Smith 3 - 8 Michael van Gerwen
Night 12 - Thursday April 18
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Mensur Suljović 8 - 5 Daryl Gurney
Rob Cross 2 - 8 Michael van Gerwen
Michael Smith 5 - 8 Gerwyn Price
Peter Wright 2 - 8 James Wade
Night 13 - Thursday April 25
Arena Birmingham
Mensur Suljović 7 - 7 Michael Smith
Rob Cross 7 - 7 Gerwyn Price
Daryl Gurney 8 - 4 Peter Wright
James Wade 7 - 7 Michael van Gerwen
Night 14 - Thursday May 2
The Manchester Arena
James Wade 8 - 4 Gerwyn Price
Daryl Gurney 8 - 5 Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright 6 - 8 Mensur Suljović
Rob Cross 8 - 1 Michael Smith
Night 15 - Thursday May 9
The FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield
Michael Smith 7 - 7 James Wade
Mensur Suljović 4 - 8 Rob Cross
Daryl Gurney 7 - 7 Gerwyn Price
Michael van Gerwen 8 - 1 Peter Wright
Night 16 - Thursday May 16
First Direct Arena, Leeds
Gerwyn Price 8 - 3 Peter Wright
James Wade 8 - 6 Rob Cross
Michael van Gerwen 8 - 5 Mensur Suljović
Daryl Gurney 8 - 3 Michael Smith
Play-Offs - Thursday May 23
The O2, London
Michael van Gerwen - v - Daryl Gurney
Rob Cross - v - James Wade
Michael van Gerwen / Daryl Gurney - v - Rob Cross / James Wade

Live on Sky Sports

For ticket information please visit the PDC Website


PDC 2019 Unibet Premier League Darts Venues & Dates at a Glance

Premier League Date Venue
Night One February 7 Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Night Two February 14 The SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Night Three February 21 3Arena, Dublin
Night Four February 28 Westpoint Exeter
Night Five March 7 The BHGE Arena, Aberdeen
Night Six March 14 Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham
Night Seven March 21 Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin
Night Eight March 27 Rotterdam Ahoy
Judgement Night March 28 Rotterdam Ahoy
Night Ten April 4 The SSE Arena, Belfast
Night 11 April 11 Echo Arena, Liverpool
Night 12 April 18 Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Night 13 April 25 Arena Birmingham
Night 14 May 2 The Manchester Arena
Night 15 May 9 The FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield
Night 16 May 16 First Direct Arena, Leeds
Play-Offs May 23 The O2, London

Live on Sky Sports

For more information please visit the PDC Website


PDC Tournament News - World Championships 2019

Michael van Gerwen 2019 PDC World Darts Champion

PDC World Darts Champions

Michael van Gerwen claimed his third PDC World Title on New Years Day. He beat Michael ‘Bully Boy’ Smith 7-3 in the final.

The final was a numerous affair for both players but Smith failed to show a repeat performance his semi-final match allowing Gerwen to dominate the match.

Michael van Gerwen 2017 PDC World Darts Champion
2017 PDC World Champion

Michael van Gerwen

Gary Anderson 2016 World Darts Champion
2016 PDC World Champion

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson 2015 World Darts Champion
2015 PDC World Champion

Gary Anderson


2019 PDC Darts Tournament Events Calendar can be viewed online, downloaded and printed for personal use. Details are subject to change without prior notice so please check with event organisers to confirm details featured.

2019 PDC Calendar


BDO Tournament News - World Championships 2019

Glen Durrant Ashton 2018 BDO World Darts Champions

BDO World Darts Champions

Glen Durrant claimed his third World Championship title beating Scott Waites. Glen is the second player to win three consecutive World Championships

Mikuru Suzuki wins her first World Championship on her maiden attempt she beat Lorraine Winstanley 3-0


2019 BDO Darts Tournament Events Calendar can be viewed online, downloaded and printed for personal use. Details are subject to change without prior notice so please check with event organisers to confirm details featured.

Some Old Favourites - Nicknames and Walk-on's

Dart Players Nicknames

Updated - Players Nicknames & Walk-on Music

An increased amount of visitors have contacted me about players walk-on music and nicknames. Some of you have kindly supplied me with more information therefore I have updated both the players nicknames and walk-on pages on this site. I hope to add a few more in the near future but in the meantime if you know anymore or if any player has since changed either their Nickname or walk-on please let me know via my contact page.

The revised nickname and walk-on music pages now includes a number of WDDA players

I do realise there are loads missing of missing nicknames and walk-on, however, I add more to these lists all the time.



Professional Darts

David King -

Darts the Professional Sport

A Brief Introduction to Professional Darts

The game of darts is played and enjoyed by millions of people in UK pubs and clubs and by millions more across the World. The game has come from the humble roots of the tap and public rooms of the traditional English pub on to the international stage and is regularly televised to millions across the World.

In 1978 the first World Darts Championship was organised by the British Darts Organisation and sponsored by Embassy tobacco. The winner Leighton Rees from Wales received a trophy and a cheque for the sum of £3,000.

Prize money has since increased considerably in the game of darts, and the winner of a major competition can expect to pick up a very attractive amount of money. Take for example the 2019 PDC World Championship, a losing first round player receives £7,500 , the competition winner £500,000. One of the biggest contributors to the rise in prize money in such competitions has been as a result of increased lucrative sponsorship deals.

Since 1978 the game has grown into one of the best-loved and viewed sports on television. It has made many darters into household names here are just a few:

John Lowe three-time world champion, John Part three-time world champion, Martin Adams three-time world champion, Eric Bristow five-time world champion, Raymond van Barneveld five-time world champion & Phil Taylor sixteen-time world champion.

In March 2005 the 'game' of darts was recognized by 'Sports England' as a sporting activity which could pave the way to the sport featuring in future Olympic Games, however, I still feel we are a long way from that day.

Darts is one of the fastest growing sports in Holland, Germany, China and Asia. Over a third of the Dutch population watched Raymond Van Barneveld become the first Dutch player to take the world darts title in 1998; he has since won the title a further four times 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007 (PDC World Darts Championship). Raymond beat the reigning champion Phil Taylor 7 sets to 6 and a sudden death leg in the final set. The famous Bull up for the right to throw first will long be remembered as Phil hit an outer Bull Raymond asked for the dart to be left in the board as he used it to push his dart into the centre Bull. Since then the Bulling up procedure in the PDC events has changed. All darts are removed before the opponents throw. Raymond now equals Eric Bristow's achievement but still trails Phil Taylor's staggering sixteen world title victories.

The prize fund over the years has steadily increased, with players playing for £500,000 first prize in 2019 PDC World Darts Championships.  This is a far cry from the first World Championships prize of £3,000. The sports prize money continues to grow making a few of the current player's millionaires.

In December 2007 PDC World Darts Championship moved to the Alexandra Palace. The Alexandra Palace is affectionately known as the 'Ally Pally' and was the stage set for the world renowned 'News of the World Individual Darts Tournaments'.

The New of the World Darts Tournament was probably one of the hardest dart events to win with a best of three legs format throughout the competition, including the final. Legendary dart player Bobby George managed to win this event twice and on one occasion Bobby didn’t lose a single leg throughout the tournament.

In 2001 the BDO introduced a Ladies World Darts Championship which was won by England’s Trina Gulliver MBE. Trina has won this event for seven consecutive years and made the final yet again in 2008 and 2009 but only to lose to a new up and coming star Anastasia Dobromyslova from Russia in 2008 and Francis Hoenselaar from Holland in 2009. In 2010 Trina again regained the title beating Rhian Edwards from Wales 2-0 she then repeated this feat in 2011 again beating Rhain Edwards by the same margin 2-0. In 2016 Trina won the World Darts title yet again making her the most successful ladies darts player in the World, a record-breaking Ten World Titles. Trina has been awarded the MBE for services to darts and charitable fundraising.

Anastasia moved to the PDC late 2008 and played in a preliminary qualifying round for the PDC World Darts Championship 2009. She lost to Dutchman Remco van Eijden 5 legs to 3. She also tried to qualify for the 2010 championship but failed. Anastasia moved back to the BDO late 2010 / early 2011 and in 2012 she won BDO / WDF Ladies Worlds Darts Championship for the second time and then again in 2013.

In 2007 the PDC introduced the first Youth World Championship. This event was won by Arron Monk who beat Michael van Gerwen 6 - 4 in the final. It wasn't until 2015 when the BDO followed suit and introduced its own Youth World Championship. It was sixteen-year-old Colin Roelofs from the Netherlands who became the first victor beating seventeen-year-old Harry Ward from England 3 - 0. Harry, unfortunately, didn't win a single leg in the final however I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from all of these youth players in the future.

Lisa Ashton from Lancashire, has since been a dominate in the ladies game, winning in 2014, 2015, 2017 and again in 2018.However, in 2019 Lisa was sensationally knocked out in the first round by the Japanese soft-tip star, Mikuru Suzuki. Mikuru went on to win the 2019 Lakeside title and followed this up by winning the Dutch Open the following month.

During the 2019 Lakeside World Championships calls for a major review of the ladies’ prize fund and short match format were called into question. The winning prize for women was just £12,000 compared to the men’s £100,000. The chairman of the BDO at the time said this would be addressed.

2019 also witnessed a number of the top BDO players move to the more lucrative PDC. With a £14M prize fund for 2019 and with the BDO restrictions taken off players flocked to win a PDC tour card.

Glen Durrant who had just won his third consecutive BDO World title, and former BDO No.1 Mark McGeeney, were among the thirty successful players to win tour cards. They were joined by a few others that featured the BDO World Championship event, thus depleting the BDO’s main contenders. This left the old ageing guard to re-established the once firm grip the BDO held in World Darts.

In 2019 John Lowe the former three-time World Darts Champion was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s honours list. John became the second male dart player to be awarded the MBE. The late Eric Bristow was the first recipient in 1989. The only other player to date to receive such an award is Trina Gulliver, the ladies ten-time World Darts Champion.

Dart fans may question the above because Phil Taylor was appointed an MBE in 2001. However, he didn’t receive the award medal as this was annulled because he was found guilty on an indecent assault. Taylor denied the charges but had to pay £2,000 as a result of his conviction.

In 2010 Russ Strobel submitted to the Darts Australia a new recommended dartboard height for Wheelchair users. The height Russ has come up with is 137cm to the centre Bull. The height was based on the perceived origins of the standard hanging height of the standard clock dartboard. It is said the average height of a man in the England UK was 5’8” around 1920’s, the height of the centre bullseye of a standard board. Modern adjustments make that 173cm. Russ has taken this analogy and worked out what the height would be should a man of 5’8” (173cm) be sitting in a wheelchair. His exact figure came out to be 136.5cm however as Russ explained the addition of 0.5cm would make the recommended wheelchair dartboard height easy to remember 137cm (wheelchair) - 173cm (Standard). The concept of the new height for Wheelchair uses was accepted by Darts Australia and in 2012 was also accepted by the World Darts Organisation. More about Disability Darts can be found on this website.

Having a bet on the darts is a pass time enjoyed by many. For those looking for a wager, many free spin casinos offer sports betting options along with enticing bonuses. They also represent a good way to check out the various odds from a non-gamblers perspective too.

On this site, you will find a brief history of this intriguing sport along with all the information you will need to set up the dart board and organise darting events. You can also learn how boards are made using sisal (a material used in rope making) and how dart weights, lengths, shafts and flights can alter the flight of the dart.

The site also features traditional games played on today’s standard dartboards and UK city dartboards; The Yorkshire and the Manchester log-end to name just two. You can download rules and many games from here as well as those all-important checkouts.

You will also find Practice routines to improve your accuracy and scoring consistency as well as information about maintaining your dartboard and darts. There are also many dart related links to professional dart organisations, manufacturers, suppliers, professional dart players and other UK local dart leagues. My thanks go to them for their help and support in building this site.

I hope you enjoy the site your feedback is always welcome and if you like the site please inform others.

Darts501 was established in 2004 and from its humble beginnings and a few makeovers the website has had over well in excess of 11 Million viewers and the increasing trend continues. In 2018 the website attracted a conservative 1.6 million, however, with more people opting not to have their visit to this website recorded this figure is vastly undervalued. Thanks to all that visit and keep calling back to see regular updates.


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