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Ever Heard Of “Dartball?”

DartballAre you always looking for new ways to enjoy the sport of darts? The sport of Dartball is a lesser known one that takes elements from two very different games to create a brand new game. Check out our need to know guide that will change you from a Dartball novice to an expert.

Games that rely on luck are all over the internet but these games can mash up lots of different elements. Most casino games are some form of luck game but some can have more of a strategic edge, like the ones on paypal-casinos.co. Dartball takes strategic elements from baseball and darts to create a game that is unlike any other and the necessary equipment can be made or bought online. Remember to use PayPal for online transactions to keep your cards safe and secure.


Darts Soft Tip

The game of Dartball goes back to 1923, so long before PayPal or online gaming and has strong roots in the church community. Back in those days, preachers of the church would come to congregations with their bible and Dartball board in tow. This would make them hugely popular in the community, as kids would flock to play on a new game.

The darts are thrown underhand in this game, so it looks unlike a traditional game, and the darts are weighted. The board that the players are pitching at are much larger and the spaces between are not as precise as a regular darts board. The key change to this game is that it is more accessible, regardless of age, gender or ability. It’s also inclusive of those with disabilities in a way that baseball is not, as they can still play against their peers.


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There are many types of dartboards in regular darts, depending on the tournament and players. This is not the case for Dartball, as their official board has not changed through its history. This has remained consistent since those early days and the officiators of the sport don’t seem apt to change it anytime soon.

Dartball Dartboad

Dartball Dartboard
Dartball Dartboard

Dartball Dartboard

Dartball Wooden Darts

Darts Equipment
Dartball Wooden Darts

Dart Selection
Dartball Wooden Darts

Weighted Wooden Darts
Dartball Wooden Darts
Underarm Throw

Those are the darts elements that come into the game but a quick glance at the game board will show readers where the baseball rules come in. The board is marked with many of the terms that you would associate with baseball, such as IN, OUT, FOUL etc. The game is played with two teams taking their turn to be the pitcher, who will determine their score over nine innings. Unlike darts, silence is not needed – as players can feel free to taunt the pitcher.

The system scores the players in the same way as baseball, so the team with the most points after all of the innings wins. This creates a fun and exciting game for fans of darts and baseball alike!







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