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Darts Apps Every Dart Player Will Enjoy

In the age of mobile technology, it is little surprise that there are a plethora of fantastic darts apps currently on the market. Whether you enjoy playing with friends and need a reliable scoring app, or just want to keep up to date with the latest live scores and match action; as the old saying goes, there’s an app for that!

Every year there seems more darts hit the market for the mobile phone or tablets we tend to use each day. So, here is a rundown on some of the apps that are available for you to use and PC scoring programs you can use and download from the Darts501.com website. So, without further ado, here’s our guide to the best apps every darts lover must have:


Score Darts

If you regularly play darts with friends or need a reliable scoring tool, so you don’t have to do the arithmetic, then look no further than ‘Score Darts’, the free lite version of the darts scoring app that’s available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

Uniquely, the app boasts some great features including the built-in voice for match commentary that calls your name and scores as you play, and you can also select all sorts of different game types, whether you’re starting from score games of 101, 201, the full version also gives you 301, 501, 701. Not only ’01 games but you can also play the popular ‘Cricket’ game and keep score.

As a bonus to help you hone your skills, you can also challenge the ‘SmartBot’, an intelligent opponent who adjusts to compete with your new performance levels.

Tract you progress as you play and see how you are improving. Aslo available on Andriod.


Darts501 Dart Leg Scorer

Darts501 Leg Scoring For PC, iOS, Android

Available for Free on the Darts501.com website is a mobile scoring program. It is not an app because an internet connection is required for the program to function. The leg scorer will allow you to select a game from 301, 501, 701, or 1,0001. You can even change the Player 1 and 2 names to reflect your own. The app will also prompt three-darts and two-dart out shots.

The Darts501 Leg Scorer is expandable in the form of a pop-up that is best suited for PC, iPad and other tablet use. However, if you are using a mobile phone, you can always find the same app on the Darts501.mobi website, the ‘Dart Scorer


Dart Connect

Used by the PDC and others, the Dart Connect app allows you to follow live scoring. If you don’t have a PDCTV live score and broadcasting subscription, the Dart Connect may be the answer. You can view the coverage live on you PC or mobile divice and you can even sign-up your own league or tournament. It is fantastic to use to what live PDC Q-School and Players Championship events and other dart events that maybe played behind closed door or not live video streamed.

The app also allows you to follow your favourite player and can you can also set fan alerts, so you won’t miss your favourite players matches.

The app also has a dedicated website and will also display stats that some dart fans love. You can switch between live boards or watch several matches that are in progress simultaneously. Works on PC, Tablet and Smartphones. It is worth a checkout!


King of Darts / Darts King

If you’re looking for a darts-related fix to keep you occupied when you’re bored then head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download ‘King of Darts’ iOS / ‘Darts King’ Android, these are fun darts gameplay app that promises endless hours of entertainment.

The apps features many different gameplay modes, including classic darts, stage mode and practise-mode. What’s more, ‘King of Darts / Darts King ’ enables you to challenge your friends or other people around the world via multiplayer mode. These darts app games and is not designed to score your throws on a standard dartboard. Ideal for kids, and adults that like playing video games. High quality graphics that will keep you entertained for hours!

If you do want to take on opponents from around the globe then ensure you have a reliable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.


Darts501 Excel Scorers

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your PC, then you can download several FREE excel inspired dart scoring programs. Each slightly different and some will give you the stats you may be look for in a dart scoring program.
The Excel Scorers are easy to download, install and use. It means you will always have a FREE darts scoring program with you to use. Head over to the Darts501.com Darts Scorer Page to read more about the downloads and enjoy some darts fun.

Excel - Darts Game and Leg scorers - Darts501


Winmau Darts Scorer

Winmau have put its name behind a darts scoring app Winmau Darts Souer HD. This is a good scoring app that reflects the old-style scoring machines seen in many pubs and clubs at a fraction of the price! (not including the tablet or phone required to use it of course)

I have used the early version of this app and It is an easy-to-use and it can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. However, at the time of writing, some reviews say some of the lettering is obscuring the display, I guess this may be due to updates on the OS of the device the user may be using. Best to review the latest version and fixes the designers may have made to compensate this minor issue of the display needs





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