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An Overview of Darts in Denmark


An Overview of Darts in Denmark

The roots of darts can be traced back to English pub and tavern games. Coming from ancient and medieval sports using projectiles, the game itself is often known as arrows, confirming its history. The smaller, indoor version existed in different forms across various parts of the country. It was not until the social club boom of the seventies that it gained popularity and the cohesive ruleset we know today. Inevitably, the game would be played in other neighbouring countries, one of which was Denmark.


The Danish Open

The popularity of darts in Denmark is a fairly modern phenomenon. The Danish Open was first held in 1973 and has run consecutively every year since. Its first winner was an Irishman named Tommy O’Reagan. Since then, the majority of its winners have come from England. Some of these have been legends of the sport: Eric Bristow has won the competition three times and John Lowe five times. There has yet to be a Danish winner in the men's category, though several women from the country have won the event.

With long winters and short days, the importance of indoor sports and activities are very important in Denmark and surrounding countries. While they may not have the output of professional players found elsewhere in Europe, the sport is increasing in popularity. Other forms of entertainment have begun to grow in popularity for the same reason, particularly professional casino games such as poker. Websites such as PokerStars Casino have become vital, as people can entertain themselves without having to venture into the wicked and wild Danish weather. Sites like BonusFinder Denmark rank this one and many others on their opening offers, so you can get straight down to play if you happen to find yourself a victim of the Danish winter. 


Nordic Darts Masters

Nordic Darts Masters


One of the newest tournaments in the region is the Nordic Darts Masters. It was first held in 2021 and is organized by the Professional Darts Corporation. It is a tournament with knock-out style games featuring 16 players. Eight are professional, while the other eight are from regional qualifying rounds. The prize pot is made from £60,000, which is divided into £20,000 for the winner, £10,000 for the runner-up, and then goes down accordingly for other positions.

The 2022 event took place at the Forum in Copenhagen. It was the second event in the 2022 World Series. Michael van Gerwen was the defending champion after his previous win in 2021. However, in the quarterfinals to fifth-seed James Wade, he would suffer a loss. The 8th-seeded Dmitri Van den Bergh would take the final over a hard-fought battle with Gary Anderson.


Per Laursen

Arguably the most famous Danish darts player was Per Laursen. He was the first countryman to play in the 2006 BDO World Darts Championship, making history in the process. He repeated his entry the following year but failed to get past the first round. His career saw him rack up a host of impressive accolades, reaching several major competitions and even finals in both singles and doubles events.





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