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Comic Relief Red Nose Day - Darts


Comic Relief Darts - Red Nose Day


Do Something Funny and Raise Money for Comic Relief


Red Nose Day 2019Red Nose Day Darts!

Want to support Red Nose Day playing your favourite sport ‘DARTS!’ Here are some ideas.

First of all, get yourself a FREE fund-raising pack from the Official Comic Relief Website.


Dart Game Ideas, Marathons and World Records!


12 / 24 Hours back-to-back 501. Played in teams or group of round-robin with serval individuals. This gives all players a small break during the challenge.

A million and one! 1,000,001

Team game based on 501 but just much bigger!! A Single game but it will take a while to bring the score down

Bullseyes! (Red Noses when it comes to this feat)

A small wager will most profits going to comic relief. See how many Red Noses you can hit in an hour! Sponsors bet on an amount the winner is given a small prize and the donations go to Comic Relief.

Comic Relief Website




Darts World Records Why not try your hand at one of the World records?

There are a number of official world records for darts ranging from least darts most hit and of course age young and old for winning professional dart tournaments. If you want to have a go here are a few you can attempt to beat. However, if you want your attempt to be supported by the ‘Guinness World Records’ you will need to abide by there rules for recording the attempt. These rules may vary by the record you are attempting to better or indeed set!

To make sure your attempt is not wasted contact the Guinness World Records for advice. I personally can not give you this information.


Darts World Records Bullseye's hit in One-Minute (World Record)

James Wade holds the Official World record of hitting inner and outer Bullseyes in one minute. He hit 15 at the Motorpoint Arena on the 23rd September 2016


Darts World Records 1,000,001 in the least darts!

The least darts to score 1,000,001 by a team of eight men was 35,698

The team of eight included Mickey Mansell, Mickey Taggart, Felix McBrearty, Daryl Gurney, Campbell Jackson, Ronan McMahon, Eamonn McGovern and Thomas Stoga. They achieved the recognised feat at The Weigh Inn Bar in Omagh, UK, from 21 to 23 August 2010.

Included with claim were scoresheets for all darts thrown and video of the entire attempt.

The team averaged 28 per dart or 84 per throw


Darts World Records 100,001 in the least darts!

Chris Gray holds the current record for the least darts used to achieve this feat. Chris achieved 100,001 in 3,579 darts. Chris set the record at the Dolphin, Cromer, Norfolk on 27th April 1993.

For some extra guidance, Chris averaged 29.94 per dart or 83.82. A very good average over a long period of play, however, I am sure some of you may think you could better this!


Darts World Records The Highest Score in One Hour

The highest darts score in one hour by a men's team (eight players) is 35,087

This was achieved by the Cork Darts Organisation (Ireland) at the St. Vincent's GAA Club in Cork, Ireland, on 20 March 2010. The team members who participated were Martin Cotter, Damian O'Driscoll, Steven Coveney, John O'Shea, Craig Sproat, Jason Kavanaugh, Kevin McDonnell, and James Corcoran.


Darts World Records Highest Total Score within 24 hours by a team of two

Why not apply to achieve this record?

  • This record is for the highest total score playing darts within 24 hours by a pair.
  • This record is to be attempted by a team of two.
  • The record is measured by the number of points scored.
  • For points to register the dart must enter and remain on the board in the scoring zone.
Sign-up Guinness World Records


Of course, you can do anything to help support Comic Relief it doesn’t have to be darts! Maybe you can bake some cakes a sell them for Comic Relief. Here is a really good website for Comic Relief Bakes and includes a ‘ Red Nose & Snotty Nose Cake’!!


Home Baking Company - Red Nose and Snotty Nose Cake





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