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Lakeside  WDF World Championships 2023


Lakeside WDF World Championships

The top qualified players in the WDF will feature in the long-awaited Lakeside WDF World Championships 2003. The event features men, women, boys and girls individual championships and can be watched worldwide via the World Darts Federation (WDF) YouTube channel internet stream. Plus, viewers can watch the live action via the following TV broadcasters: Swereve Sport, Ayozat (sky 186) and Fubo TV from December 2-10, 2023.

As many fans will now know, the form British Darts Organisation (BDO) went into liquidation in September 2020. Events managed by the BDO were split and are now managed by the following darts organisations.

The World Darts Federation (WDF) covers the World Championships and Masters events. The Tri-Nations Darts now manages after the British Internationals and others, while the United Kingdom Darts Association (UKDA) looks after the form inter-county darts championship of England and Wales. Scotland Darts Association continues to run its county events.

The return to Lakeside will please many old dart fans, as many refer to the venue as the home of World Darts. The prize fund is not as vast as the PDC World Championship, and the events do not feature the depth of players that now compete in the PDC World Darts Champions. Nevertheless, Lakeside attracts hundreds of loyal dart fans. As regards the fount runners, Beau Greaves will be the favourite to retain her Women's World title, while the men's is more of an open field.

Andy Baetens and defending WDF Champion Neil Duff top the WDF ranking, but a former Lakesides World Champion, Jelle Klassen, also looks like he will be in the mix. Fans looking to back their favourite players will find some introductory bonuses at non gamstop sportsbook

The few players who qualified for the WDF and PDC World Championships had to choose which event to compete. Defending Women's World Champion Beau Greaves was eligible to compete in both events. Beau has opted for the Lakeside WDF World Championships due to the increased prize money, and the honour of being crowned the Women World Champion for a second time was too tempting.

Ben Robb, who also qualified for both events, has declined his invitation to the WDF World Championships and will feature in the more lucrative PDC World Darts Championships at the Ally Pally, London. The PDC event follows the WDF World Championships and will open its doors from December 15 to January 3, 2024.


WDF World Championships Format

The opening weekend will feature 24 of the World's best WDF players, with 16 Men and 8 Women progressing through to the second round.

The Men's Second Round will run through from Monday, December 4, to the first game of the evening session on Wednesday, December 6. Meanwhile, the Women's Second Round has two games daily from Monday, December 4, through Thursday, December 7.

The Last 16 of the Men's tournament will occur between December 6 and 7, with the quarter-finals in the Men's and Women's Championships on Friday 8.

The semi-finals occur on Saturday, December 9, with the finalists in the Men's, Women's and Boys tournaments determined ahead of four World Champions finals on Sunday, December 10.

The WDF has said the event will be open for all to watch, and although not on the mainstream channels in the UK, it is still likely to achieve record viewing figures.


2023 WDF Lakeside World Championship Round One Schedule

Saturday, December 2, 1 pm

R1 – Scott Marsh (ENG) v Sebastian Białecki (POL)

R1 - Jo Clements (ENG) v Veronika Ihász (HUN)

R1 - Aaron Turner (ENG) v Ricky Nauman (SWE)

R1 - Jordan Brooks (ENG) v Dennis Nilsson (SWE)

R1 - Paula Murphy (USA) v Almudena Fajardo (SPA)

R1 - Dave Prins (ENG) v Reece Colley (ENG)


Evening Session 7 pm

R1 - James Richardson (ENG) v Christian Goedl (AUT)

R1 - Aletta Wajer (NED) v Paula Jacklin (ENG)

R1 - Patrik Kovacs (HUN) v Jim Widmayer (USA)

R1 - Jonny Tata (NZL) v Shaun McDonald (SCO)

R1 - Lorraine Hyde (SCO) v Laura Turner (ENG)

R1 - Danny Porter (AUS) v Arjan Konterman (NED)


Sunday, December 3, 1 pm

R1 - Liam Maendl-Lawrance (GER) v Mike Gillet (WAL)

R1 - Kirsty Hutchinson (ENG) v Mayumi Ouchi (JPN)

R1 - Laszlo Kadar (ROM) v Edwin Torbjörnsson (SWE)

R1 - Moreno Blom (NED) v Gábor Takács (HUN)

R1 - Kym Mitchell (AUS) v Priscilla Steenbergen (NED)

R1 - Jamie Lewis (WAL) v Jarno Bottenberg (NED)


Evening Session 7 pm

R1 – Thomas Junghans (SWI) v David Pallett (ENG)

R1 - Suzanne Smith (ENG) v Victoria Monaghan (NZL)

R1 - Benjamin Pratnemer (SLO) v Davie Kirwan (SCO)

R1 - Leonard Gates (USA) v Brian Corbett (NZL)

R1 - Nicole Regnaud (NZL) v Anna Forsmark (SWE)

R1 - Antony Allen (ENG) v Dennie Olde Kalter (NED)





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