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Popular Darts Bets You Can Make Online


Popular Darts Bets You Can Make Online

Darts may not be the most popular betting sport around. However, it has a pretty dedicated and loyal following of fans and punters. It is most prevalent in England and the Netherlands. However, there are plenty of countries in Europe that follow the latest sports events.

That is why online sportsbooks are always prepared to cover the latest darts matches and tournaments. When it comes to darts betting, there are plenty of options that some punters may not be familiar with. So, we’d like to talk about some of them and introduce you to your new favourite bet types.



Now, this first one is something everyone is already familiar with. If you are following the latest darts tournament, you could simply place a wager on who is going to win an individual match. It is as simple as picking the player you think has the better chance and placing a wager on his victory.

Remember, if you are betting on the winner, you must go over the sports betting odds. Based on a back catalogue of data and information, these odds represent which participants have a better chance of winning. It is better to trust these odds than rely on a gut instinct.



One player will often have a greater chance of winning a match than another. In these cases, online sportsbooks want to even the playing field for punters, so they institute handicap bets. Handicap bets are exactly what they sound like: a style of betting where one player has either a disadvantage or an advantage in terms of odds.

A pretty popular handicap wager is the “Match Handicap,” in which a certain player is given a point score before the game starts. For example, Player A might be the underdog, so the bookie awards them +2 points for free. If Player B then loses by 2 points, that means that the handicap worked. It is a pretty simple concept to grasp, all in all.


Score Betting

Those who’ve watched darts for a long time and have been betting all the while may be interested to learn about score betting. It is an incredibly complex style of betting, where your goal is to predict the exact score at the end of the game.

Score betting is exceedingly difficult, even for expert or professional bettors. We definitely would recommend that newbies gather a bit of experience before they attempt to participate. However, seasoned punters might find something to love here.


180 Betting

The highest score that a player can get in darts is 180 (with three darts). Often, bookies set up odds for which of the two players will score the most 180s in a single match. This is another form of betting in darts that can get quite complicated, so we would encourage newbies to do some research before attempting to bet 180s. Still, it is not nearly as complicated as score betting, so it could serve as a nice transitional bet.






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