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The Ultimate Guide to Darts Betting


The Ultimate Guide to Darts Betting

The sport of darts originated as a pastime in pubs. It has now evolved into a global sport with a dedicated fan base, and its popularity grows yearly. Some of the top players in the world are now recognised names through their achievements in the sport. With several different darts markets available, more bettors are finding an interest in the skill and precision of top darts players.

The excitement that spectators experience while watching the action makes darts ideal for betting enthusiasts. For this reason, an increasing number of online sportsbooks include darts among the sports types offered to bettors. A comprehensive overview of bettingsites.co.uk sportsbooks will help you find a safe and trustworthy platform to place your bets on, but once you've found one, you'll need to understand the different markets you can bet on in darts.


Types of Darts Betting

Sports bettors have many available options when betting on darts. Here are some of the most popular types of darts bets:


Match Betting

This is the most basic form of darts betting. You'll back one of the two involved players to win a specific match. In Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) tournaments, these matches usually take the form of legs that form a set (or a match). Many matches contain more than one set, with the match winner being the first to a stipulated number of winning sets.

With the exception of some of the previous PDC Premier League rounds and round-robin phases of the World Cup, there are never any draws in darts, but certain matches end up being very close. For this reason, there are opportunities for upsets involving longer-odds winners.


Outright Betting

Here, you'll select futures odds to bet on the overall winner of a tournament as opposed to predicting the result of any individual match. A successful outright bet prediction needs an understanding of how the tournament works. Bettors should also be aware of the form of the competing players.

Most PDC tournaments feature fixed draws, meaning you can get an idea of who your selected player might meet on the way to the final. As such, you can weigh every competing player's chance relative to their opening odds.

You may find a lesser-ranked player at longer odds with a less difficult path to the final. With seeding coming into play, this player would need to upset some higher-ranked players to win the title. A decent knowledge of the game and the players would make spotting potential bigger-odds winners easier.

It's likely a good option to place an each-way bet. This means if your chosen player reaches the final and loses, you will still receive a payout.


Handicap Betting

Handicap betting balances an uneven match-up in tournament play. You may choose to bet on a favoured player with much shorter odds. Choosing this player with a handicap of -1 set, for example, means a bookmaker will likely offer you higher odds on the player.

Bookmakers make potentially one-sided matches more attractive by offering handicap betting. Bettors can increase their wins if the player is victorious over the specified handicap margin.


Over/Under Betting

There are plenty of over/under-betting options in darts. You might predict that a match will have more 180s (maximum scores) than the bookmaker's betting line. If this ends up being the case, you'll receive a payout.

Likewise, you may bet that a best-of-5 set darts match will finish in under 4.5 sets. If the player you back wins the match 3-1, you'll win the bet, whereas a 3-2 result means losing the wager.


Correct Score Betting

It can be challenging to predict the correct scoreline of a match, but doing so can be very rewarding. It's not a difficult bet to place, but it helps to know a tournament's format to make a knowledgeable prediction.

Most tournament matches use a 'best of' format. So, if a specific match requires four legs to win, it is a best of seven match. Correct score betting means you'd have to predict a player would win 4-1 in this scenario to win, as opposed to 4-0, 4-2, or 4-3. Should the opposing player win a second leg in the match, you would already have lost your wager.


Other Betting Markets

Sometimes, especially early on in tournaments, match results aren't viable to bet on, even using handicap betting. The favoured players are too well backed, and the odds offered on an upset, although potentially lucrative, are not likely. At these times, you may want to investigate the other betting markets bookmakers offer.

We've already mentioned 180s betting, and this is a good market to look at. Bookies offer odds on which player will hit more 180s in a match and the number of maximums both players may score in total during the match-up. You may even find odds on a tied where both players score the same number of 180s.

Another option is to predict the highest checkout (closing out from the highest remaining total) in a match. You could even predict how high that finishing score would be if you're brave.


predict the highest checkout


What to Consider When Betting on Darts

You'll need a little luck when you bet on darts, sure, but you can't rely on this alone. It helps to consider the following when coming up with a successful strategy:


Player Form

Have some idea of the past and recent form of competing players. A player's recent form is critical to assess how well they could do in specific matches or in a tournament on the whole. Is the player consistent? How has the player done in recent competitions?

Also, what are their head-to-head records against potential opponents on their side of the draw? Some players might have a psychological edge over others.


Venues and Conditions

Assess the different venues and tournament conditions in relation to your chosen players. Some players excel in venues with loud vocal support, while others do better in milder settings. Tournament rules like the length of matches can also affect player performances. Certain players thrive in longer formats, while others do better in quick-fire matches.

Consider if the player will be well-supported. Does the player have a good past record at the venue? Does the player enjoy shorter or longer ties?


Injury, Fatigue and Mentality

Darts is a sport; like most other sports, injuries and fatigue can affect a player's performance. Always keep on top of any news about player health leading up to a match or tournament.

Physical skill and condition are essential in darts, but so too is mental strength. Know players' history regarding handling pressure, especially at crucial times in matches.


Darts Betting Strategies

Research: Know the players, their recent performances, and their playing styles. Watch matches, follow news and analyse player statistics.

Bankroll Management: Set a darts betting budget and stick to it. Don't chase any losses and end up betting more than you can afford.

Live Betting: Darts is fast-paced, and in-play betting means you can adjust any bets according to what is currently happening.

The PDC World Series Finals in Amsterdam take place in September. Before that, you still have time to familiarise yourself with players, betting markets and strategies. Perhaps watch some tournaments, research players,and investigate some sportsbook markets in preparation.









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